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Sri Lankan Nishi in England ...  beats Einstein's Intelligence!

Sri Lankan Nishi in England ...
beats Einstein's Intelligence!

A 12 year old girl of Sri Lankan origin was able to be victorious in the final round of television series Child Genius conducted by Channel 4 in England. She was Nishi Uggallai who participated in that contest representing Manchester. Both her father and mother are Sri Lankans. 

Nishi who follows her schooling in a reputed college in Manchester is known as 'human calculator'. Her father operates in the field of information technology security and has also functioned as the vice
president of Barclays Bank. Her mother, Shiromi Jayasingha is an accountant. 

In this competition what is questioned are questions relating to Science, Mathematics subjects and English spelling and Nishi has managed to display highest skills in those. "When Nishi was winning, I clapped her. That is how the audience enjoyed it.I kept pinning my eyes on Nishi ... she is just wonderful. Her self-confidence was quite high. She did it really well". That was said by a member of the audience who was happy about it. 

In the final round it was William Harvard who contested with her. When her rival contestants had accumulated five marks ... Nishi for the first time collected 10 marks. In the end when she was expressing ideas on behalf of those who gave her assistance and support, this is what she said: "Really it is amazing! William of course gave a real fight. One of the main reasons why I enrolled for this contest was to prove that it is wrong to imagine that girls have no ability for physics and mathematics". 

The audience was overwhelmed by the attitude of this small girl. What is published below are the questions and answers she had to give

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