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700 crores diamond found ... value decreased to 500 -- names of Amal, Ryan suspected of whisking it overseas... now taken off

700 crores diamond found ... value decreased to 500 -- names of Amal, Ryan suspected of whisking it overseas... now taken off

The 700 crores supposed to be worth 700 crores robbed from a Maharagama house under the direction of Makandure Madush which incident caused a big sensation recently was found day before yesterday (4) night by police from a house in Kehelwatta area in Panadura. 

According to information given by Hemal Ranjana Perera and Kasun Sandaruwan who have been taken into custody last 10th in connection with this diamond robbery, on investigations conducted, this diamond was found in a house belonging to Kelum alias Kelum Indika Sampath who is alleged to be the Sri Lankan main agent of Makandure Madush. The latest report released by police media
spokesman office indicates that the diamond which was hidden inside an almirah in a two-storied house in Thaksala Cross Road, Kehelwatta, Panadura was though earlier estimated at a value of 700 crores would however be about 500 crores and gems recovered with it would be 200 crores. 

What was mentioned by earlier reports was that this diamond after being robbed was whisked away from the airport by some popular figure such as singer Amal or tele actor Ryan and is now in possession of Madush's present wife. On that clue, police have taken steps to get statements or have attempted to do so from Amal and Ryan before their departure to Dubai. 

However, with the diamond being found from Panadura, thus debunking all such stories; suspicion about Amal and Ryan was dismissed. This suspect Kelum was taken into custody day before yesterday night (4) when at Kiribathgoda bus-stand. Apart from the diamond, a large quantity of items looted were found. 

10 grammes and 200 milligrammes of heroin was found inside his denim trouser pocket at the time of his arrest and it was found wrapped in a cellophane and put inside a pink-coloured cover. Around the neck of the suspect was a talisman worth Rs. 37 lakhs and police have said that it is a bulletproof talisman. during this operations among items taken into custody is the robbed diamond which is 3 inches long and 2 and a half inches wide and is a diamond of which the value has not been assessed. The approximate value is 500 crores and weighs 142 grammes and is white in colour. Among gold items in his possession there was a gold necklace weighing 120 grammes, a talisman weighing 17 grammes, a bangle weighing 127 grammes, a gold bracelet of the Mondial type, 3 female rings, 5 male rings. It has been estimated that the total weight of these gold items was 587 grammes. Police were able to recover 500 cash notes amounting to 1 and a half crores packed and deposited at three spots in the garden. 126 mobile phones and a stock of charges were found inside the house. 

According to statements of the suspect, the police were able to find cash amounting to Rs. one and a half crores hidden behind a house in Ihala Hewessa Road, Boraluhena, Pitigala where his mother lives and three sets of hand-cuffs, a stock of bullets, a hand-bomb, an arky uniform kit and other goods in a room in a house taken on rent down P.B. Alwis Perera Mawatha, Rawathawaththa, Moratuwa. 

The diamond concerned has been handed to the suspect Kelum near the pedestrian strip in Piliyandala last November 5th. The diamond and the firearms used in the robbery had been handed over to Indika by the gang who committed the robbery. 

This person called Indika has comported himself in the area is a millionaire businessman. Indika has been sentenced to a 10 year jail sentence in the year 2005 for several incidents of looting done by displaying weapons. He has been thus released in the year 2015 and has engaged in their criminal activities. Even at present high court cases in Chilaw, Kalutara, Colombo, Gampaha against him are pending. There is evidence to say that he is linked to crimes where an attack was launched on the prison bus in Kalutara area and shooting police anti-narcotics officers in Piliyandala. It has been revealed that it was Indika who had organised sprinkling of flowers by air in the instance of Madush's father's funeral; thus offering his support in that connection.  

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