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Misdeed by Lasith Malinga's wife ...  creeps into Facebook

Misdeed by Lasith Malinga's wife ...
creeps into Facebook

A dialogue has emerged these days in the social media about cricketer Lasith Malinga's wife, Tania Perera. This dialogue concerned is that she in fact has expressed her ideas in her facebook page about a player who has challenged Lasith Malinga's position as being named as the captain of the present one-day 20/20. This comment is published last 21st. 

After a special talk was made as many changes are to be effected by Mr. Harin Fernando, the Sports Minister who has been appointed as the new minister of sports assuming office. It is stated in her
comment about something that a competitive former player has tried to do about making a change in the position that Lasith Malinga has got at present. The post published is, "When minister of sports got his appointment and stepping into his home ... a certain player who thinks he is a big shot ... wearing a 'silk cloth' had come home to safeguard his rank. A shame, no!" The said post in her page appears with the face of the minister being erased as a creation of graphic art and above that, it  was indicated in Sinhalese as 'poor panda'. 

While the two imoji pandas depicted by Tania refers to the cricketer inferred to, and from among team mates with Lasith Malinga, the only player identified in the team is Thisara Perera, it is understood. Therefore, it could Thisara Perera whom Tania refers to when saying ' ... had come home ... a shame, no!' 

Before marriage, Tania has served at a well-known advertising agency in Sri Lanka and there is no reason to say that she was ignorant about graphic art exchanges and its creations. After that post appeared in facebook, she has responded to comments of her colleagues, saying, "there's no point in talking about people who have no shame". The second relevant letter; response made by panda's wife in connection with post of Malinga's wife Tania, from here

Thisara Perera's wife has included a post which could be assumed as having been directed at Tania's words published across the facebook as directed against Thisara Perera who is known among his team-mates as panda ... on the very day the said comment appeared on Tania's page. It speaks about foxes who cover themselves with lion's clothing.

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