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"What resulted from Janabalaya was only wastage of money and traffic congestion!"

"What resulted from Janabalaya was only wastage of money and traffic congestion!"

The United National Party says that the 'Janabalaya Colombata' protest campaign held yesterday (5) by the Joint Opposition was absolutely a flop. They also mentioned that other than by bringing down people from outstations and the money wasted and the traffic congestion that occured in the late afternoon when they were returning home from work, thus facing inconvenience, they reaped nothing productive.

People who gathered at 'Janabalaya Colombata' protest rally had started from Colombo Fort Lotus
roundabout last evening and that satyagraha ended by about 10.15 in the night after Namal Rajapaksa and Mahindananda Aluthgamage arriving at the satyagraha and announcing officially that it would be brought to a close. By that time there was only a very few people of the crowd who joined in the evening. Those who thus left had gone away by complaining about weaknesses of organising.

State Minister Ajith P. Perera and Deputy Minister Nalin Bandara addressing a news briefing held last night in this connection expressed their opinion by saying that the public and businessmen suffered as a result of this. Though the former President organised this opportunity in order to boost the image of his son, what resulted was that it confirmed that the son failed once again and that the brother's trend only became a joke. They further added that protests of a bottle of liquor and a packet of rice could reap no benefit in terms of political methodology.

What police media spokesman Mr. Ruwan Gunasekera mentioned was that there was no incident of fighting was reported from the city of Colombo and that though security groups as necessary were installed to face any emergency situation, there was no necessity for anyone to engage in any form of aggression as such. Humourous and ideas were scattered over the social media in connection with the Janabalaya protest yesterday and various opinions about people who were found collapsed from a bout of drinking and how an attempt to topple the government came to nought were expressed.

Numerous opinions were expressed to the effect that though crowds who arrived for the protest were not made aware of a specific location and sent round and round with the motive of unsettling the city of Colombo, in the end nothing came out of it and as a result the people had to loiter while roads were obstructed and in the process it culminated in creating various forms of inconvenience to public. Accusations had been received that other than displaying photos and videos to give the impression "we have a big lot with us", there was no political speech or meaningful protest that took place.

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