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Health Minister to prepare 'kansa' cultivation as a herbal beverage ...   and not to be smoked

Health Minister to prepare 'kansa' cultivation as a herbal beverage ... and not to be smoked

Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratna of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine says that a paper has been forwarded for cultivation of 'kansa' which is necessary as an ayurvedic product and that he believes that it would be taken up for discussion in future. The Health Minister said this addressing the seminar held this morning (13) of regional indigenous physicians held at Narahenpita blood transfusion headquarters.

Canada, Great Britain has by now lifted the ban imposed on 'kansa' for herbal production. Sri Lanka
too has banned 'kansa' and that it would cause a problem if it is smoked and that it would not cause problems if used as a herbal drink, the Health Minister pointed out. The Health Minister is preparing to forward indigenous physicians representing Sri Lanka at an International Kansa Seminar to be held in Israel. Physicians participating in that seminar is to present a report on cultivation of 'kansa' and marketing it.

Further the Minister of Health stated that several countries including Canada have launched research on 'kansa' and have started producing herbal products. It has been pointed out that 'there is a lack of kansa' and 'abin' necessary for producing medical drugs for the field of ayurveda which has caused a problem. The Health Minister pointed out in this instance that he hopes to discuss and plan out in unison with the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Law and Order a programme to acquire 'kansa' taken into custody by raiding lands where 'kansa' has been cultivated illegally and hand them over to the Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation. Mr. Lal Samarasingha, President of Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation mentioned here that fresh 'kansa' of standard quality is required for production of medical drugs.

At present it is the Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation that supplies 'kansa' necessary for ayurvedic physicians around the island. As problems crop up in the case of transportation and distribution, the Health Minister issued instructions to the officials to prepare a formal programme in that connection.

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