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Adopted son vanishes by robbing bank book ...  without accepting mother's dead body!

Adopted son vanishes by robbing bank book ...
without accepting mother's dead body!

The adopted son of a retired lady teacher had fled after taking her bank book which had a savings account of Rs. ten lakhs without accepting her dead body and the police are on his tracks. Under these circumstances it has not been possible to conduct her postmortem with the body remaining at Kalubowila Teaching Hospital mortuary for 8 days upto now (10), Boralesgomuwa police say.

the 70 year old teacher who had been spending her time at an elders' home in Puwakwatta Road, Hendala, Wattala had been undergoing treatment at Maharagama Apeksha Hospital in a sick state for
sometime when she had passed away last 3rd, police say. Later, it was the deceased's brother who had come forward as the guardian at the postmortem. It was revealed that the deceased's husband had already died and that she has an adopted son. Therefore the coroner had ordered the police to bring forward that adopted son immediately.

As such the kith and kin were notified about this and when searching for this person, they had found that he was residing at Mihintalawa Road, Kurundakulama and the relatives concerned had informed about this. Though he had declined to come forward in this case and had further said that he would come prepared to give some money. Thus he had been present at the inquiry at courts on 5th afternoon.

Subsequently this person assumed to be the deceased's son's birth certificate was compared with details of the dead lady teacher and as everything was confirmed,preliminary work on the autopsy went ahead. In the process the bank book of the teacher was handed over to the adopted son in order to confirm the identity of the deceased teacher.

As there was not sufficient time available to complete the inquiry that day, the coroner decided to resume the relevant activities the following day (6) morning at 9. However the adopted son had not turned up that morning, it was understood. What had transpired was that he had fled after taking the lady's bank book in which was recorded the deposit of Rs. 10 lakhs.

Police say that as he was not present the coroner had not been able to carry on activities regarding the postmortem. At the time he was in the company of the deceased, he had been demanding money from her and in instances she had refused to oblige ... he had assaulted her, it is reported.

Whatever it is, simply because someone is in possession of a bank book he or she would not find it an easy task to withdraw any money from the bank as such.

(Mattegoda -- Shantha Pradeep Kumara Kularatna)

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