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 Anuradhapura businessman​-murder ... daughter's mishap and media

Anuradhapura businessman​-murder ... daughter's mishap and media

The brutal murder of a businessman in front of Deepani Maha Vidyalaya in Anuradhapura reported day-before-yesterday indeed was a shocking incident. A 45 year old garage owner by the name of Sujeewa Hettiarachchi was battered and inhumanly put to death by an armed gang day-before-yesterday (05) evening around
3.30 and he had been attacked with sharp instruments. 

The person who was murdered was someone who owned a car rental service as well as a garage. He was a resident living down Rahula Mawatha, close to Gamsabhava, Vijayapura, Anuradhapura. A certain person who had arrived at his home in a motor vehicle had made a request saying that the vehicle concerned had failed to function in front of Deepani Vidyalaya (where the said incident took place) and as it was the work handled y the deceased, he had proceeded to inspect the vehicle. 

Whatever it is, he was unaware that it was a strategy used to drag him outside. The moment he had come in front of the vidyalaya, an armed gang who was awaiting him in ambush had attacked him with sharp instruments and has caused grievous hurt to him and then beat a retreat. People around had had taken the collapsed victim to Anuradhapura hospital but on the way he had passed away. In the meantime while the person who brought the garage owner there having fled, suspicion was created in the police that he could be a member of that gang. 

The outcome of investigations carried out in connection with this murder was the manner in which this crime was committed based on a grudge that existed for a period of time and that this crime may have been done by a notorious criminal living in Vijayapura itself who had from time to time being making threats to this particular family. It was revealed at preliminary investigations that several conflicts had taken place between that person and the garage owner. 

45 year old Sujeewa who died in this incident is the father of 3 children. They are 2 daughters and 1 son. What has been hilighted by certain media in relation to this murder is some time prior to this as a result of trying to clash with a person who attempted to abuse the deceased's elder daughter, this murder had been carried out as revenge. However, conflicts had taken place between the murderer and Sujeewa on a number of occasions and during these incidents the instance where Sujeewa's daughter's clothing being torn away in public is only one such incidence. The said incident has not been recorded in police books as a case of abuse and even after her father's murder this daughter or the media has not spoken about it. 

"While I was dancing at a wedding ceremony, my malli had been beaten and when I went there all my clothes were stripped off with all of them getting together. When my father asked 'why was my daughter stripped?' they attacked him also. After that messages kept coming that I and my elder sister would be thrown acid". This conflict has taken place about 10 months before at a wedding ceremony between Sujeewa's son and this criminal. On that particular day after Sujeewa attacked him he having been defeated in this clash had fled and had from time to time engaged in conflicts. Threats had been made to the effect that Sujeewa's neck will be cut and his hand will be severed while threats had been also made saying that the daughters would face an acid-attack. Though Sujeewa and his wife had gone to police to lodge an entry about these threats, Sujeewa's wife now says that no action was taken.

"Death threats were there for 10 months exactly ... hands would be cut ... the neck will be severed ... and it was done exactly as said ... the intestines were taken out ... I saw with my own eyes ... Chaminda, Udara, Sagara, Sameera Roshan, Nalaka, Kumarasingha Appuhamy ... all of them cut my husband into pieces". 

Though police went in search of the suspect, he had fled the area, it was reported. Even till this evening (7) police had not been able to take anybody into custody in this connection. Investigation regarding this incident are underway. 

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