USAID Programs Contribute to Saving Forests in Cambodia

Cambodia – USAID Programs Contribute to Saving Forests in Cambodia The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Cambodia contributed to saving the forests in Tbaeng Meanchey, 

Preah Vihear Province, by providing some measures such as financial assistance and educating the local community about the importance of forests, so villagers became more effective, and turned from loggers to tourism agents. The director of eco-tourism protection, Chan Vanno, stated that the forests were in a state of chaos, as people came to cut trees and kill animals, but due to the programs of the USAID, everyone joined to protect the forest after knowing how important it is to them, by establishing a patrol department to protect the forest from the members of the local community in return for a sum of money for each patrol. The total area of the forest is about 1,447 hectares, where 80% of the forests remain and contain animals like pandas and deer, and it has become a favorite place for many tourists and visitors.
Source-A24 News

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