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Shukra taught us how to win the hearts of the ordinary people since converting to Islam - Ali Sabri

Sirasa T. V. Shukra Munawwar, winner of the Rs. 2 million Lakshapathi program U.S. M. Ali Sabri praised the winner as follows: "How can we live with the Islamic identity and win the hearts of everyone in this country Shukra's daughter points out that she has the potential to act as a brand ambassador has. So we decided to appreciate you. We have different religions, different languages. We belong to different nations. But the common denominator that unites us all Humanity and Sri Lankans. Diversity can lead to unity. Then you have to be culturally Sri Lankan. Venus Muslim Everyone could see that, but she was not visible separately. We need to have confidence in ourselves. Must have a unique understanding, must have confidence in each other. If so, Hopefully, peace, unity and brotherhood can be built. There is a section of extremists in every section. We cannot live the way they want us to. One We must live as a mother's children. 

We have a big responsibility for that. This child sends a big message to mainstream society as well as the Muslim community. Education must be embraced. The victory of the Venus child is great, "You are a talented child." "It simply came to our notice then. Now the camera is pointing at you." Like this daughter, I also learn Sinhala from the alphabet to achieve a lot, and We were able to win. We got some inspiration just because we learned Sinhala. I am Not a Buddhist but a Muslim. But I have been unaware of the influence of Buddhism. "Man is not born a Brahmin or a Wasala. Of calcareous. "It simply came to our notice then has. Hatred does not quell hatred. This country cannot be built without love and kindness. "May all beings be free, healthy, healed and attain Nibbana." Extracted from Buddhism. Our Quran also says that there is no compulsion. "If one person's life is lost unnecessarily, It is as if the whole world had been killed and had to suffer in. Save one person's life. The Qur'an also says that it is like saving the whole world. All say the same Dhamma. The question is to understand it. The easiest thing is to divide people, and the hardest thing is to add people. We have to go through that difficult journey. If so, we will build a Sri Lankan nation and take this country to some extent. Many are good people. The brotherhood, the brotherhood between us, one for two, We cannot allow friendship and bond to be broken."

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