Expected results through RMV online service

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Expected results through RMV online service

It has been revealed to the Minister of State in charge of the subject Dilum Amunugama that the Department of Motor Traffic is not getting the expected results through the active online service. Accordingly, the Minister of State is of the view that the system should be restructured to provide a more efficient service to the people.

However, the Minister of State has informed the officials on the 14th that the officials should take immediate action to rectify the shortcomings in the department, including delays in their duties. Accordingly, he has called a special meeting at the Colombo District Secretariat and stated that he would not hesitate to take stern action against the relevant officials if they do not render an efficient service to the people through the Department of Motor Traffic.

He also said that he would take responsibility for the legal changes that need to be made in the department and that action would be taken against several other officials involved in the irregularities in the future. However, Dilum Amunugama has further stated that if there are any problems on the part of the officers while carrying out their duties, they should be informed and the necessary solutions will be provided accordingly.

-Nidarshani Wickramasinghe-