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Further details of the recent business assassination that has garnered media attention have now been revealed. Sagara Kumara (51), a married businessman and father of two, was killed while sleeping with his family while he was sleeping in his bed.
An attempt was made to imply that it was a murder committed by a group of robbers.

The police had received suspicious observations that the murder had not taken place in such a manner. Several factors were observed, such as leaving the cupboard in the house and leaving a small piece of wood to indicate that
it was used in the murder and also showed suspicious traits about how the businessman's wife behaved at the time of the incident. He had lodged a complaint with the Piliyandala Police on two recent occasions due to family disputes, and the police had a reasonable suspicion as to whether his wife was involved in the murder.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the murder using four groups.
The iron rod suspected to have been used to kill the millionaire businessman was found in the mud in the Mavittara paddy field on the 15th, Mount Lavinia Police reported.
Earlier, the police conducted a CCTV search of the houses on the road adjacent to the hotel where the murder had taken place.

It was also observed that something suspicious was thrown towards the paddy field. Initial searches found nothing in the paddy field, but the iron rod suspected to have been used in the killing was found buried in the mud somewhere in the Mavittara paddy field. The inquest revealed that he had been killed as a result of several blows to the head by one or more persons.

The businessman's wife was admitted to hospital with minor injuries after the murder on the 6th, and she left the hospital on the 15th and went home, police said.

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