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Ragama Colombo North hospital in uproar because of corona infected patient who falsified saying that he was in the company of those who came from India

Ragama Colombo North hospital in uproar because of corona infected patient who falsified saying that he was in the company of those who came from Italy

A person who admitted himself to hospital complaining of a chest pain while purposely covering the fact that he was in the company of relations in Italy and had finally come down to Sri Lanka, giving such an impression. However, two days later it was revealed that he was infected with the corona virus and as a result, 15 of the hospital staff including doctors happened to be self-quarantined and as the service of relevant personnel were lacking, problems have erupted as to how to keep matters moving at the hospital, director of the
hospital, Dr. Shelton Perera says.

In this instance the patient has hidden the fact that Italy has no connection with his sickness. This he said when questioned by doctors initially about his condition. As there were others undergoing his health condition in Ja ela, he had point blank denied it. He had in fact purposely covered up the fact that some relatives of his have had very intimate connections with relatives who had come down from Italy and that both factions have enjoyed themselves at a party. 

Anyhow the patient concerned was admitted to ward 15 of the hospital and after two days of admission he had displayed signs of coughing and fever and on suspicion of these symptoms doctors have continuously interrogated him on which occasion he had revealed that he had maintained intimate relationships with some persons who had recently come to Sri Lanka from Italy. With this comment, the doctors have taken a sample of the patient and it was directed for a corona test. After the test, it was confirmed yesterday that he was infected with the virus. 

Thus this patient was warded for two days at the hospital and during that period the patient had been walking about in the hospital conversing with various people, director of the hospital said. The director further mentioned that 15 employees of the hospital who treated this corona infected person and attended to him were then  soon directed to a self-quarantine process. 

 "We are trying to find information as to where and where this patient has has travelled around and whom he has closely associated. At least if he had told us his links with Italy, we would separate him from other patients. He was actually admitted to a normal ward. If this patient had cared to say the necessary information after he was hospitalised, we would take relevant precautions. But because of his selfish action, not only the hospital staff but many people who came for treatment too have been subjected to the risk of the virus. Because the workers were directed for quarantine procedures, we are faced with problems of attending to other patients", the hospital director Dr. Shelton Perera further remarked. 

Deputy inspector general of police, Mr. Ajith Rohana said that serious action would be launched against this corona patient who has hoodwinked everyone by hiding his sickness. He further said that law was enforced against him by Wattala court in this regard. 

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