Corona patient who contacted virus from Swiss pastor detected in Jaffna -- 250 who were embraced .. at risk

Corona patient who contacted virus from Swiss pastor detected in Jaffna -- 250 who were embraced .. at risk

Corona patient who contacted virus from Swiss pastor detected in Jaffna -- 250 who were embraced .. at risk

A person undergoing treatment at Jaffna hospital has been identified today as a carrier of the virus. It has been revealed that this 40 year old person has associated the corona infected pastor of Switzerland. Thus, health authorities of Jaffna have made requests from all congregants who attended the service at Ariyale Philadelphia church last March
15th to engage in a self-quarantine procedure. 

This service was conducted by a Swiss pastor and it came to be known that he has become a victim of the virus. The director in charge of North province health service, Dr. A. Katheeshwaran said that a congregation between 200 - 250 have attended the service. The government has confirmed that the pastor's wife has requested the devotees to pray on his behalf. Devotees from Navatkuli, Jaffna, Nalluruwa and Manipai have attended the service concerned and the health department has launched avenues to search their locations and subject them to quarantine procedures. 

Two persons who carried out duties in unison with the pastor displayed covid 19 symptoms and it was one of those two who in fact has contacted the virus. By now they have been admitted to Jaffna Teaching Hospital. What the health department say is that  other persons who attended the service should be subjected to follow safety precautions and undergo quarantine procedures. Though they have mentioned this, no information has been extracted whatsoever from most of those who attended the service. Two families who have attended the service from Vavuniya have been identified and Jaffna hospital has been advised to examine them and to forward a report as soon as possible. 

Even during the period when the service was in progress, the said pastor has not shown signs of good health. Towards the end of the service the pastor has come and embraced everyone ranging from 200 - 250 devotees and has blessed them which indeed was a serious situation. This religious service was conducted in Ariyel which belonged to Nallur province and it is a question as to why this religious service was carried out when the government has prohibited gathering in batches under any circumstances. 

Locations where the said pastor has travelled about during the relevant period in the island:
9.00 am
March 10 -- Katunayaka airport,
                   Mango hotel in Anuradhapura; Mango hotel in Jaffna, Ariyeli church
March 13 -- HNB at Jaffna, Signal junction; Kankasenthurai Road Market 
March 15 -- Holy mass at Philadelphia church, Jaffna
March 15 -- Departs from Jaffna at 10 pm in hired vehicle. During return the driver has stopped near Murukandi temple to rest a while
March 16 --  Left for Dubai

If there is anyone who made any physical contact with this pastor, please notify health sector immediately. 

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