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"I have voice cuts of what lokka spoke" -- Ranjan

"I have voice cuts of what lokka spoke" -- Ranjan

The summary of the speech made by Ranjan Ramanayaka in parliament today appears below.

"Police came to my house on the 4th and removed my laptop and telephone data by violating parliamentary privileges. It's not I who have lovers ... I ask pardon from those who were subjected to inconvenience because of the voice cuts
being revealed ... specially from Mrs. Hirunika. Though I kept those for purposes of security and not what I exposed. We must continue this battle. Therefore I shall table all my dialogues. 

I am a member of COPE committee ... a member of anti-corruption. Even at that moment I took my taping equipment with me. People of Sri Lanka do not believe without anything to prove. What people ask is evidence. I collected those. What I have told is to punish wrongdoers and not anything else. I do not want character certificates from corrupted elements here. Just as much as voice cuts ... I have videos too. In the past ... those giving evidence were bought over. Hirunika told me about this. Gave 70 lakhs and changed evidence in Duminda's court case. Now there is a system ... files weak cases and the FCID withdraws the case; Something done by the person who gets hold of the culprit and the culprit thus being involved in the deal. I did these things to prove all these things. 

Though the 2015 government came to catch rogues ... gave a chopper to vanish home. Though the president who was thereat the beginning honestly tried to apprehend the culprits ... later changed. I record every press meeting in my home by a private cameraman. The reason for that is that channels broadcast what the owner wants. I kept evidence for myself. You know what happened to Sarath Ambepitiya because of Potta Naufer's incident. Mrs. Ranawaka too had this same problem. There are monks who appear on behalf of 'kuddo' today. I am not partial in the case of wrongdoings. I don't want these heroin money. I didn't take the side of the heroin party but that of the man who has no voice. Even today I am not speaking with an eye on the vote. If not I'll contest independently. I take responsibility over every statement made by me. I was asked to tell a lie during the election period that Gotabhaya stole ghantara (bells). I declined. I don't make statements for my advantage. In the conversation by Piyumi Hansamali ... a revelation was made about those who had stacks of money. Let's delve into those whose names were not told. A commission is to be appointed for this. I have voice cuts of prime minister. There are those where he said, "You are out today because of me". I have earlier details about Muthuuhetti Mahinda connections of coming to see my films. I have met Shani and secured information. Yes .. that's true ... it's not an issue.

I am the only Mp who not takes the increased one lakh ... the only Mp who does not take any other allowance. I am following my uncle Dr. Carlo, Wijaya's example. Why aren't disadvantageous things not published? Why don't you publish what wives of cabinet ministers said? 'There are wives who say, 'It is stated in the horoscope of becoming the prime minister'. A former sales rep of the Finance tried to 'kill and eat me' .. and said that the house in England was bought for my children to go to school'. No commissions are brought for this. No filing action. I will now tell in parliament. If I do so ... they'll be screwed up. That's the bitter truth.

I have now lost my party membership, seat, position of organiser of party. I'll go home. But people should know about voice cuts. Kanchana malli went to penthouse ... it was somebody else who opened the door; not Anika Wijeysuriya. The bond scandal came to the open at that moment. That also is there. How Arjun Aloysius phoned me and wanted to bribe me ... that also is there. Ask Gammanpila about the incident of Sha Rukh Khan".      

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