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"Don't get caught to woman-man who engages in frauds under my name" -- Nirosha Virajini

"Don't get caught to woman-man who engages in frauds under my name" -- Nirosha Virajini

A certain person with a woman's and man's voice who says that this person is well-known singer Nirosha Virajini is behaving in a way that causes her trouble. We were informed by her that this person who personifies Nirosha Virajini and sings her songs and has caused her great harassment because of frauds that have been committed in the process. 

This is how Nirosha Virajini explained about it: "At the time this person was schoolgoing ..  he/she
had met me and told of the interest to sing my songs, I can faintly remember those days. This person is supposed to be calling others and saying it is Nirosha Virajini and has even gone to the extent of trying to get them jobs and admit them to classes. Since it is not I ... problems began to emerge. I complained to Mirihana police. At the police station when interrogating this person, the person has said that he/she sings songs like I do. So I envy her. Because I create a problem ... she does those things. 

Subsequently a thero in Kurunegala Dambadeniya called me and said that he has lost his mother and he was given lodging in the temple after which the person has indulged in a robbery and scooted away. It is from the telephone at the temple that these calls are taken. Even after that this person has begun to do that same thing. Even now my name is being used. As far as I know, the person is a gay character. 

This person has spoken to Samitha, the thero and Malini Fonseka and when I dial this number ... it happens to be the same number. It was found that for a period of time this person has called by changing the numbers and has asked for money from some people. My problem is using my name in a fraudulent manner. It is detrimental to me. This person appears in facebook as one Pathiraja and calls self as Nirosha Virajini aiyya. 

It appears that this person is a mental case. Again it is the support of the law that I have to turn to". 

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