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Motor car topples into river in Madagaskar ...  Three gem businessmen embrace death!

Motor car topples into river in Madagaskar ...
Three gem businessmen embrace death!

A motorcar which had disappeared after falling into a river in Meramaniha district in Toamasina area in Madagaskar was brought ashore day before yesterday (2) and in the process three bodies of Sri Lankans in the said vehicle was found. 

This accident has occured when the motor car has been on its way with the occupants going for a business matter in Maramanna city along R.N. main road travelling from Antananariyo town to
Moramanga recently (1) in the afternoon. The deceased are Mohommed Forr (aged 57) resident at Kannakota, Kegalle, Jaufer Siddik Ameer Hathsa of Kalutara and E. Malana. Mohommed Mifer (57) living in Kannathota is the brother in law of former minister U.M.L. Farook and is the father of three children. 

The distance between Antananaya to the town of Moramanha is 117 kilometres. The accident has taken place in a somewhat hilly area known as Ancarego, 90 kilometres away from the city of Antananariyo. They had in fact been engaged in the gem trade from ten  or fifteen years in Madagaskar and had been visiting Sri Lanka on and off while an elder son too was engaged in business activities in Madagaskar. The husband of the sister of Mr. Nihal Farook who was a former member of parliament hailing from Sabaragomuwa provincial council, Mr. Mohommed Mister too died in the accident. Final rites of the three dead bodies were conducted day before yesterday (2) in Madagaskar. 

- Ajithlal Shanthaudaya -   

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