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Obstruction for Sajith's Kurunegala rally ...  Power disconnected to prevent helicopter landing!

Obstruction for Sajith's Kurunegala rally ...
Power disconnected to prevent helicopter landing!

It is reported that last afternoon as it was informed in advance about the rally which was to be held in Kurunegala was sabotaged by the municipal council belonging to a political rival party and under such circumstances the helicopter not being able to land at Welagedera playground had to be abandoned, it is reported.

The rally was held at the playground close to Kurunegala hospital junction and while it was in progress when dusk was settling in it was announced that Sajith was to arrive. Just a short while
before the helicopter in which Sajith had come was to land at Welagedera playground in Kurunegala, there was a power cut effected at Welagedera playground and the environs.

As a consequence of this situation the pilot of the helicopter has found it difficult to locate the specific place where to land it. The helicopter under these circumstances had strayed here and there several times in the skies with Sajith inside and since it was a risk of landing under such circumstances, the helicopter has gone back, it is reported.

As a result presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa has been derived of the opportunity of addressing the Kurunegala rally and state minister Ashoka Abeysingha informed those who had gathered that the deputy minister was not able to present himself because of this unanticipated act of sabotage.

In the meantime deputy minister Ajith P. Perera has informed that it was officers of the municipality connected to Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna who had disconnected power supply on purpose so that Mr. Sajith Premadasa would not be able to present himself at the rally. A former secretary of the mayor of Kurunegala municipal council happens to be MP Johnston Fernando.   

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