"Called SIRASA ...found my number ... spoke to me and got friendly"

"Called SIRASA ...found my number ... spoke to me and got friendly"

"Called SIRASA ...found my number ... spoke to me and got friendly"

The interview cinema star Anusha Damayanthi who is to wed shortly gave us an interview recently and gave about the delay of her marriage and information about the arts. 

* What is the information of late? 
  These days of course involved in acting ... dancing performances of course have decreased ... must
tell the truth, no. I think with what happened to our country ... much of the work has ebbed away. 

* Do you like to be identified as a dance artiste or actress?
  Most of the time ... I am known by both those. For most of the time some like my dancing while some others like my acting. I actually stepped into acting and then turned into dancing. At the start I came because of dancing ... but what I got was to act. After that, again dancing. What I think is that both those aspects are like my two eyes. So I like to be identified from both those fields. 

* By now ... how long is it since you came into this field?
 I believe it is close upon 20 years. Most of those involved in the field of acting lose it quickly. What do you think is the reason for that? Mm ... I think it it is not limited only to the field of acting. What I think and see it as something that it prevails in society. More attention is focused on the acting aspect because they are popular and after getting married and then separate ... it rapidly catches attention of the media. Or else, 99% of marriages now go on the rocks and they get married soon and there is a percentage of the marriage collapsing found within Sri Lanka itself. If someone from the field of acting marries another from the same field ... it will not last long, isn't it? I can't say so. I think it is in such a case mutual understanding is more. They know the manner in which to operate in this field ... how the time is spent. When working, there is no necessity to misunderstand at any time the bond with that group ... when getting married to someone in the same field. Only when marrying outside the field that certain things begin to creep into the mind. What I believe is, when it comes to marriage ... it is good if one weds someone of his or her own field. So if that happens ... I don't think that there is anything wrong these. 

* Marriage once again got delayed, isn't it? What's the reason for it?
  In my life ... I am a person who postponed marriage about twice. But this time of course at a time when I have arranged everything, because of the Easter Sunday attack I postponed my marriage. On that occasion I actually came to a halt wondering what really happened. A country which was free for 10 years ... I just could not believe. After that I kept thinking for a few days and I couldn't invite anybody for my wedding celebrations at a time when the whole country was gripped in a tragedy with losing families. In the same way, I came to a decision that I cannot enjoy my wedding at a time when the public were weeping. I thought that whatever hopes I had, since I could have my wedding, I thought that I would postpone it with these incidents which happened. That is why I postponed. I delayed marriage only till September. 

* Is the person you are going to marry ... connected to this field?
  No, he is a businessman. Earlier of course he was connected to this field. He in any case is someone who loves the arts, but now he is engaged full-time in business activities. 

* How do you meet him?
  He is a fan of mine. This romance runs a space of 10 years. The reason for it is that I participate in the 2008 DANCING STAR. It is across that dancing event that he takes a liking for me and after a lot of searching he had spoken to SIRASA and secured my phone number and a friend of his has given it to him. He then spoke to me and he spoke in the same way that others speak. I did not take it to heart so much as such. After that I kept on receiving SMS continuously. There was a little bit something different in those SMS. Then after about 6 months he asked for my consent. At that time I had no reason to refuse him at that time. I then I liked him. He stood by me dauntlessly for 10 years. I thought that I should get ready to marry him. 

* What do you think about politics?
  Politics is a good subject. If we are to speak this time about politics in the country, the public hold various opinions. We also have opinions. Politics is something that should be beneficial to the country. A day will come in the future when we will be able to talk something better than this about the word called politics ... the only belief I have at present. 

* Do you have an idea of coming to politics in future?
  Earlier of course I didn't have. I worked for a political party and that was for President Mahinda Rajapaksa. So I will work for President Mahinda Rajapaksa today and tomorrow. Going beyond colour and party, that is he is the only leader who brought the 30-year old war in this country to a close. He is the only leader who paved the way for a future to this country. So I don't have a colour or party. I worked for him on the opinion that I would on basis of politics. We should not be silent about this thing called politics. We should work. Nothing called politics is necessary ... if we love this country, the nation -- we should love this country. I don't know whether I will come into politics. 

* Who do you think will win the election this time?
  Our belief and that of the majority of this country is that it should be someone from the Rajapaksa generation. I have an opinion and belief that this tragedy won't befall this country if a Rajapaksa was there at that time. Therefore we have to think of the future as a country and nation. 

* Are there those who envy you in your field?
  There may be and there may be not. That I think is not jealousy. I never saw it as jealousy in anybody. Everyone likes to be in a better position than the other person. So the methodology in which that person fights his or her way could be different. Some people may battle through his or her skills. 

* What do you think of the social media of Sri Lanka?
  Very much popular. I think that social media is the only thing that by now can rapidly spread everything to the public and youth more than other media. We also can live in it ... can hide and expose the truth ... can provide information as it is in reality. I think that social media is something that should be in society. Social media should be in existence the whole time. Not to rebuke or insult. Good things should be brought forward to society and it should be something that that could uplift the people. 

* Are you fond of gossip?
  There are various kinds of gossip. There is both good and bad in gossip. Sometimes, when you talk about gossip ... there is truth also ... and false too. Some people's lives are changed through gossip. Some are subjected to mental pressure. Some people's life collapses. A gossip is good ... if it is something that can derive happiness, there is nothing more required from gossip. It is not necessary to hit at a person or insult. 

* The criterion in the field of acting has by now deteriorated, isn't it?
  No ... not that the standard is lost. We are now at a juncture where we compete with the world. The gap where we should spread out is different. What I think sometimes is that in certain instances we are on a primary level. 

* Finally, what have you got to tell the fans?
  I always saw them as a credit. It was the patrons in my field ... my life of the arts that was my greatest strength. Their affection, respect and appreciation which was my ornament. They became a spirit for me to function with grit. The most innocent poor man in this country has thrown in his mite for me to get some of the things which I have acquired. It was they who applauded me. It was they who sent me SMS. Sometimes I had never seen them. They may never be able to see me. But they gave me that love and honour. So I tell my affectionate patrons to speak to me wherever they see me. That way I can give them affection ... it may be with a smile or with just one word. So I always love my fans. I must say that I would anything I can for my patrons. So I believe that they will give me that love and respect in this manner every day. 

Note of discussion -- Janani Tharushika
Photographs --  Indika Mallawaarachchi