Another 'alert' warning about ISIS ... from India!

Another 'alert' warning about ISIS  ... from India!

Another 'alert' warning about ISIS  ... from India!

Information relating to phone data regarding 5 Sri Lankan suspects alleged to have made connections with Islamic State terrorists was provided by India. The Indian Express newspaper has reported information referring to telephone dialogues between two Sri Lankan families and several Indian nationals connected to the Easter bomb blasts too provided simultaneously with the previously mentioned information. 

A team of investigators of NIA, India's National Investigation Agency had arrived in Sri Lanka last
week and have carried out an investigation about those who had maintained a suspected connection between India and Sri Lanka and were able to extract information of four or five Sri Lankans who had exchanged dialogues either directly or across social media with Indian suspects linked to Islamic State terrorists. However, an official of Indian national ministry has said that it has so far not been found whether they were connected to the Easter attack as such. 

It was a fact that the NIA had provided an 'alert' warning that some attack would be launched by the mastermind of the Easter attack, Zahran Hasheem. The NIA further managed to arrest a youth from Kerala after the attack made on Easter day. Officers of NIA were further capable of getting at several individuals who had connections with brothers Inshaf and Ibrahim families involved in the suicide bomb attacks.