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Salary 30000 -- lodging rent 30000 -- copper factory workers who supposed to have spied ... released on bail

Salary 30000 -- lodging rent 30000 -- copper factory workers who supposed to have spied ... released on bail

Of the workers at the copper factory in Wellampitiya supposed to have belonged to Dematagoda Inshaf Ibrahim who was connected to the bomb attack, 9 were accosted by police the very next day of the bomb attack as police were convinced that they were suspected of being involved in the activities concerned. 

The police first suspected that suicide-bombs were set up at this factory and further suspicion
pervaded their minds that raw material necessary to make the bombs may have been brought to the business on the guise of bringing raw material mixed with copper.  

After having been arrested, on a survey carried out by police on these 9 suspects who served at this factory one suspect has admitted that for having served there each of them were given a sum of Rs. 30000 as salary for a month. But when questioned by them, it was revealed that each of them had separately paid a monthly rent of close upon Rs. 30000 for their place of lodging. 

What struck the police in this instance is how they were cover up their expenses having paid such a big sum of money to stay there. On further investigation information it was revealed that that the majority of them are not listed in the attendance register. As such, they had said that they work there in a false manner and that they have connected themselves to the said factory in a nominal way and had been engaged in other types of work. When checking their phone data, police say that it was revealed that they had been using several sim cards and according to data recorded there, they had moved about at various locations in Colombo throughout the day. It was because of this that police had suspicions about them on the understanding that they have been utilised as spies. 

As such, on the occasion when they were produced before court once again last 6th reported this information to court and requested permission to detain them further. However, Colombo additional magistrate, Mr. Priyantha Liyanage who acted as the judge has released all 9 of them on bail. Bail was granted on the basis that the suspects carry no evidence to the effect that they were connected to terrorist activities. 

In the meantime, the special surveillance unit of police headquarters has commenced an inquiry with regard to the 9 workers who were released on bail and were remanded after being taken into custody while they were serving at the Wellampitiya copper factory, police media spokesman informed yesterday. He said that police inquiries are underway in this manner to ascertain whether they were released on a flaw which occured in the process of Wellampitiya Police forwarding matters to court or else for not having forwarded points in the accurate manner.  

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