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CID inquiry about Minister John's social website photos

CID inquiry about Minister John's social website photos

Two photographs depicting a young lady appearing in the company of 78 year old minister of Tourism development and Christian Affairs circulated in the facebook some days back. The story that circulated was that  these photos were clicked with a lady who maintained an illicit relationship with him. 

One photo showed a selfie. In that photo, while capturing the photo it shows her holding the left hand of the man concerned. The second photo is one that is more suitable for adults. This particular photo
depicts a sexual mode of behaviour and gives the appearance of the male concerned in a recline posture with the female sitting on top f the male counterpart. 

Both the above photos have been identified as those set up in association of photoshop. When increasing the brightness of both these photos, it can easily be identified that it is a combination of two photos of each. Though this provides evidence that the young hand of the male in the female's and male's selfie, since the editing process at first glance is somewhat successful, it does not appear to be one that has been set up as such. As two different colours are noted near the neck region of the erotic scene and because as the two legs apparently is not that of 78 year old minister's ... it is quite evident that it has been prepared in a photoshop. 

A nude photo taken in a bathroom had been forwarded to the internet in the month of January, 2018 in relation to minister John Amaratunga, he had addressed the media in main channels and had said that it was not he. On this occasion too he has informed the media that these photos are false. He has already complained about this to the Criminal Investigation Department about this and the person who forwarded these photos to the internet is being searched for. 

The investigation team has considered these photos being added to a music video released recently as an exceptional phenomenal and a suspicion has emerged as to whether some group of people has had the necessity to create 'John's hit' in order to make that music video popular. Some time back, a rumour went round linking the minister to a stimulant and a story where he has visited a reputed private hospital to take treatment for an overdose beame the topic of fun in parliament. 

In any case, as there is no evidence to the incident referred to at the start, investigations are underway to determine whether this new reator has devised an artificial method to make it a hit. Published below is the idea depicted in the minister's official facebook page.     

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