Criticism against Gunasekera Buses ... because of Mahaweli accident

Criticism against Gunasekera Buses ...
because of Mahaweli accident

Moving on roads has become a more risky matter as a result of road accidents that continuously are taking place. 

Because of the bus accident that happened yesterday at Marawila Maha Wewa Junction, 3 lives were lost while a number of others are in hospital after sustaining injuries. At present the bus driver taken into police custody is under treatment and what he said was that he took to the wheel yesterday on a casual basis and as the
regular driver was on leave he was employed to make that bus journey by D.S. Gunasekera & Company. He has further mentioned that this bus carrying a load of about 70 passengers and when driving at a high speed this accident has taken place when trying to avoid crashing into a container and that he had swerved to a side.

Because of the speed at which the bus was driven it had crashed at a transformer near a shop and ultimately fallen with 4 lamp-posts collapsing in the process; further it was reported that those who got stuck inside have faced injuries or had died because of the body of the bus being cramped. The moment the bus struck the transformer, electricity has got disconnected resulting in a power failure in the whole area. 

It really is a fortunate instance that nobody in the bus were harmed by electricity or any fire has broken out. 3 persons have died from the incident while 19 individuals have sustained injuries and have been admitted to Marawila Basic Hospital. The three deceased are males of the ages of 40, 45 and 60 years. The 60 year old person is a Sri Lankan named Prakash Chandra living in Australia. 

The 33 year old driver by the name of Sujeewa Kumara Tennakoon resident at Mahabulankulama, Anuradhapura has sustained injuries to his head and feet. He is still under treatment ... but the conductor has vanished after this bus accident. Various dialogues had circulated in the internet on the aftermath of the accident. One opinion was a criticism connected to D.S. Gunasekera Buses directed to operate in various places all over Sri Lanka. 

The reason to drive with high speed is that being subjected to a barrage of blame if the bus does not leave in time and that there is a methodology of implementing punishment. Thus it was said that the only target is to adhere to the timing factor and for that very reason they had got used to drive without paying heed to any traffic rule. It was stated in that criticism that a person of this bus company is sent frequently to Colombo from Anuradhapura where the main office is for the purpose of settling the fines. 

It has been reported that the company being fined is a common matter and what that person as a routine part of his duty is to settle that part of the company. Another criticism is that many an accident occurs along this road and that after passing Chilaw the buses almost fly at a speed of over 100 m.p.h. and that in the morning there is hardly anybody from the police along Chilaw Road and that nobody cares to look into this matter.   

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