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Popular disc jockey elopes with wife's 12 year old sister ... 5 months after marriage!

Popular disc jockey elopes with wife's 12 year old sister ... 5 months after marriage!

A team of policemen of criminal investigation unit of Madampe police were able to arrest a person day-before-yesterday (8) near Fort Railway Station. The person concerned happens to be a popular disc jockey who is supposed to have got married to a beautician and after about five months later had eloped on the sly with his wife's 12 years and 4 months old sister.

The police have also taken the minor who is understood to be 'kept' by the twenty-six year old suspect as his paramour. An 18 year old pretty beautician living in Madampe police limits had been serving
as a beautician at a beauty parlour in Colombo and during that period had developed a romance with a famous disc jockey and finally had got married about five months back under blessings of both sides.

This suspect according to police is living in Boralesgomuwa and is a disc jockey of highly prominent hotels in Colombo. A short period after marriage this disc jockey had gone to live at the ancestral home of his wife at Madampe. The beautician has a 12 years and 4 months old sister who studies in class 9 in a school in Chilaw. Police say that the disc jockey has unknown to anybody had developed an illicit romance with this schoolgirl who is a minor where age is concerned.

As the term was to commence on September 3rd, the girl has told her father and mother that she would be going to school the previous day (2) to clean up the school premises and had gone there in the company of a friend. She had told her friend that she was going to the school storeroom to fetch an ekel-broom. However as the friend has not returned, her colleague had searched for her and later informed about this to the 12 year old student's mother about the consequences, police say.

The mother of the girl has informed Madampe police about the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, after which the police began to go on her tracks. The vanished schoolgirl had spoken to her mother over the mobile phone and told her that she was spending a familied life with her elder sister's husband. However she had not told the mother of of where she was.

On information secured, a police team had been waiting in ambush close to Fort Railway Station and had apprehended the disc jockey as well as the minor schoolgirl who was in his company day-before-yesterday evening. He is to be produced before court under charges of having abducted a minor from the guardianship of her parents. The girl has been hospitalised for a medical examination. 

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