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Kidnapping of 17 year old of Ambalanthota ...
just a 'drama' enacted!

News of an incident that took place in Mamadala, Walewatththa, Ambalanthota of a 17 year old young girl being abducted by her lover addicted to drugs who had come with some accomplices day-before-yesterday (2) and having assaulted the householders created an uproar across all media.

By nowit has come to be known that this phenomenon is just a part of a 'drama', so to say. It is
reported that the 17 year old girl actually was not kidnapped but that the said lover had come at the request of the girl and had taken her away. Her parents had told police that 6 persons had come to their house and had scared them by showing weapons and kidnapped the girl and investigations carried out by police it was possible to arrest the couple. They had in fact so eloped with the motive of spending a family life together while the girl has refused to go back home.

Whatever it is, as permission would not be granted to her for marriage because she is just 17 years old, this student has been abducted and legal action would be taken by police in this connection. What has been revealed at inquiries is that the girl's boy friend has come with his friends and had kidnapped the girl concerned for the reason that the parents had been a stumbling-block to their romance for several years. In fact the girl has spoken to her lover over the phone and asked him to come and take her away. She had given this call to the boy through her mother's phone.

The parents have informed that the act of their daughter trying to open the door during night time had caused suspicion in their minds. The boy who had arrived with his accomplices had tried to break open the door at which time a weapon they had brought had been active by mistake in the process.

The girl taken into custody is to be directed to a medical examination. The lover has been taken into custody while the other four who had accompanied him in this incident are  expected to surrender to police today. Tangalla police are conducting further inquiries in this matter.

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