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Interpol investigation tracking 3 Sri Lankans who collectively raped Korean girl!

Interpol investigation tracking 3 Sri Lankans who collectively raped Korean girl!

Court orders were issued to the international division of the Criminal Investigation Department to launch a special investigation to track 3 Sri Lankanswho had been involved in a case of collective rape committed at the time they in employment in South Korea in 1998. 20 years prior this crime has now been confirmed on evidence of scientific data as they are now back in Sri Lanka.

These 3 Sri Lankans has made the victim, a Korean girl knock against another behicle on the
highway after this collective rape to give the impression that she died from a sudden road accident. But the Korean police who managed to find her underwear closeby to the location concerned had observed streaks of spermatazoa smeared on those clothes which then were subjected to a DNA investigation at which investigation it was found that the said semen belonged to 3 individuals and it was further deduced that it was an instance where death was committed after this collective rape. However, they were not successwith the aforementioned samples however had tallied ful in getting at the criminals. The police of that country had saved those samples of semen and further, spermatatazoa of a person arrested in connection with a case of rape 12 years later when cthis collective rape. hecked with the aforementioned samples and data however had tallied with his. As such, a particular person was thus identified as one of the Sri Lankans connected with this collective rape and subsequently he was released from the offence with a fine being imposed on him. Anyway the similarity in this alleged murder case was detected by Korean police only after an year after he was taken into custody. However he had left Korea with his 2 friends by that time.

Though Korean police carried out investigations over this crime and tried to make an arrest regarding the collective rape by appealing to courts, it was found that it was a difficult task to take action against a rape case which happened 10 years back, under the Korean Law. Whatever it is, the law on the other hand took a keen interest in finding out whether according to Sri Lankan Law it was possible to implement legal measures in respect of rapists who have fled their country to Sri Lanka. In fact, officials of that country had even visited Sri Lanka and inquired about this.

Anyhow according to provisions quoted in clause 9 of the relevant judicial act, the attorney general has given judicial powers to the Sri Lankan judiciary in this context and orders were conveyed to the Criminal Investigation Department yesterday to go ahead with an inquiry into this matter. As such, investigations have commenced about the rapists. An 18 year old Korean girl had died on Guma highway in Thegu area of the Korean Republic in the year 1998 from a road accident after which Korean police and other authorities conducted a survey on this incident in which instance they managed to find underwear of the deceased girl dumped aside at another place. Smearings of semen were detected on her underwear at this survey conducted by authorities and after perusing data from them , they had developed a data structure from those. Subsequently these authorities had saved and deposited the DNA structure.

In the meantime, 12 years afterwards; that is in the yea 2010 a certain Sri Lankan who employed in Korea was convicted of having tried to lure an underaged girl, a minor to engage in sx in return for money. DNA samples are collected by authorities in the case of those arrested of such crimes and those are stored and later a comparison is made with DNA samples of suspects not identified. As a result, it was revealed in the year 2011 that the DNA sample secured from underwear of the deceased girl happened to tally with the said DNA sample.

As a consequence of complaining continuously by the father of the deceased girl, a legal case was filed against the Sri Lankan individual by Thegu courts. According to Korean Law in the instance of a rape offence, the duration within which a case has to be filed is limited to 10 years. However, 10 years have passed by that time in respect of this incident and therefore Thegu courts has rejected the application. Both the father and kith and kin of the girl who died had pursued the matter right along. Further, 2 Sri Lankan individuals who were participants in this rape case have by then returned to their homeland of ri Lanka.

All in all an opportunity has now been opened to carry out a survey on this issue when Republic of Korea presented relevant matters to Sri Lankan government in 2017 about this incident on a diplomatic level and officials later arrived in Sri Lanka in May 2018 and confronted the attorney general, Ministry of Justice and senior officers of Crimian Investigation Department.

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