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Additional information about 2018 scholarship heroes

Additional information about 2018 scholarship heroes

Being informed about those students who claimed the highest ranks at grade 5 scholarship this time being a boost for students who would be preparing in the future for similar examinations as well as for their parents would be an important factor. Shown below are details about these students.

1st position --K. Sanura Dimath Perera (199 marks) of Veyangoda St. Mary's Maha Vidyalaya is the eldest son of Merchant Naval Officer, Isuru Perera and Mrs. C. Nirmala attached to Water Board section living in Kolwatta. Dimath said: "I studied with diligence. I obeyed father and mother and attended to my school work given each day. Guidance and advice of my class teacher, Mrs. Chintha Dias helped me to achieve this success. I attended to my school work with interest and also went for a tuition class and thereby increased my knowledge. I was able to achieve this victory because of all these factors".

This is what class teacher Mrs. Chintha Dias said: "This child showed prowess in studies as well as for the game of chess. I understood that Dimath was the most intelligent child in my class. the most outstanding habit that I noticed in this child was that he would daily attend to his duties allotted to him. In the same way this child stood in the forefront in practical work that is parallel to the subject at hand".

Second student who ranked similar position -- Bumith Methnul Withanage (199 marks) of Piliyandala Somaweera Chandrasiri Primary Vidyalaya

Bumith spoke about his achievement thus: "I did not involve myself much in extra-curricular activities in school ... neither in sports. Occasionally of course I used to play with my elder brothers at home. I did not allocate a special time for studies as such. Whenever I had time ... I attended to my studies. I was able to display my skill because I was attentive in class. To achieve this position I got a big strength and co-operation from my parents, the principal, all teachers in school and class teacher. Whenever I made a mistake in class, I would engage in a bit of an argument with class teacher and afterwards rectify it. I felt a great joy when I came to hear that I had come first in this exam".

Bumith's mother Mrs. Lochana Wickramaarachchi said, "There is an allergy in one eye of my son. So it is not good for dust to get into that eye. That is why he was not sent for sports, Anyway he did not tire himself as such. Every day he would discuss questions and answers with me. It was thus in a casual manner that he achieved this position".

1st position -- Navaskan Nathy (198 marks) of Jaffna Chavakachcheri Hindu Primary School

Nathy happens to be the third daughter of an ordinary family which were maintaining a market in Anekotte in Jaffna and she has become popular in the area as a student who was exceptionally bright in studies. When she gained outstanding success at the scholarship examination, what she said was that she too would become a teacher like the wonderful teacher who taught her. Teachers in the school said that she was a student who displayed outstanding skills by taking part in every sport in school and was a student who thus won the hearts of all teachers in school. People in the hamlet where she lives were to call her from those days as 'the courageous daughter who would uplift the whole family some day".

Co-winner of 2nd position -- Mahendran Thigalolibhavan (198 marks) of Jaffna Hindu Primary Vidyalaya

This student's father happens to be a customs officer while his mother is a teacher serving the same school where this student is following his education. Mahendran Thigalolibhavan is the youngest in a family of 2 brothers. What he told the media was that since everybody told that he would get through this examination ... he had carried on his studies with great interest.

This student who was overjoyed on hearing his results further said that he never thought that he would achieve second place in the whole island. Thigalalibhavan ended up by saying that he desires to get a big job in future and be in service within Jaffna itself.

Co-winner of 2nd position -- Sanuji Akithma (198 marks) of Reggie Ranatunga Vidyalaya

Sanuji who is the eldest in the family also has a younger brother and sister. This is what she expressed her thoughts about her achievement: "My father, mother, my class teacher Girty Edirisingha and Amali Kumarasingha who coached me up in year 3, 4 are behind me in this achievement. In the same way I must offer my thanks to all teachers who taught me from year 1. In fact teachers told me before the examination that I will reap good results in Sri Lanka.

I used to go home and revise my studies which we did in class. My mother would ask me questions and I would answer them. At the same time I would always write answers to question papers. I usually retire to bed at 9 in the night. I did not get up early in the morning and study as such. I in fact got the opportunity of carrying out my activities in freedom. Nobody forced me to study. I of course had the habit of always reading books. My mother used to buy books for me. I hope to do something productive to my country".

3rd position -- Balakumar Harithikan Suja (197 marks) of Vavuniya Sivapuram Primary Vidyalaya

Speaking about her achievement, what she said was that she did not go to any tuition class in view of the scholarship examination. Her Father works as a driver of a vehicle on a hiring basis while her mother is an ordinary housewife. This student has a younger sister in her family and she is from a poverty-stricken home. What she told was that she has many financial difficulties.

She further said that her class teacher Tharshika while coaching her in her studies had gone beyond that in providing her with books etcetera, during this period. Though she passed the examination she said that she would go to a school where she would get everybody's support and so she would not leave that area.                                   

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