​Dehiwala William Grinding Mills winds up after 7 years!

 ​Dehiwala William Grinding Mills   winds up after 7 years!
Dehiwala William Grinding Mills 
winds up after 7 years!

The management of William Grinding Mills which grinding mills is situated at the junction turning towards Kalubowila, Dehiwala and which incidentally is one of the oldest businesses which maintained itself continuously have decided to close it down totally from June 21st. A notice to that effect is to be seen posted on the door of the establishment and the establishment has been locked.

The said establishment has commenced in 1951 and till of late from that date onwards, items such as
rice, sugar, chillies and various other curry stuffs were available there for sale with ayurvedic medicines too while generations of customers attended to their necessities by grinding their food stuffs etcetera. On the other hand as the volume of customers who patronised their services began to dwindle after they get adhered to domestic grinding equipment and the competitive market as well, this business lost its foothold in their field.

As the location where this business was situated was stable for many decades, it became known among the public as 'William handiya'. Hereafter there will no more be a 'William handiya'.