SL Rs. 30 found while searching former corrupt Malaysian premier's house

 SL Rs. 30 found while searching former corrupt Malaysian premier's house

SL Rs. 30 found while searching former corrupt Malaysian premier's house

After Prime Minister Mahathir Mohommed came back to power recently subsequent to the general election of Malaysia former Prime Minister Najib Razak was banned from leaving the country because of allegations of corruption against him and had obstructed the airport to prevent him from leaving after which all corruption in
relation to his assets were subjected to checking these days.

Under the above circumstances a luxurious house supposedly belonging to him was subjected to inspection yesterday and the police of that country were able to find jewellery, valuable items and 284 boxes containing cash. News sources of that country say that bribery officers have taken action to inspect cash deposited in handbags of those boxes. Black money which he had earned from various countries had been found deposited there and it is something of noteworthy interest to record that 30 lakhs of Sri Lankan monies were in that lot. By whom was it given and with what motive behind it has still not been unravelled.

There are several luxury houses in in the town of Kuala Lumpur belonging to the former Premier and the media of that country say that by now all those houses are being checked. On the occasion when defeated in the general election Najib Razak has with the aid of a van has removed a number of items from prime minister's residence to his home and as a result of a tip off the former prime minister's home was checked. He faced a serous defeat at the general elections with the root cause being misappropriation of funds from Malaysian Development Fund. Apart from that, the former premier and his wife was accused of a number of bribery acts and other cheating in relation to monies. Investigations are still underway.

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