Meghan's hairdressing took forty five minutes ... purchased supermarket items

Meghan's hairdressing took forty five minutes ...   purchased supermarket items

Meghan's hairdressing took forty five minutes ...
purchased supermarket items

Bride Meghan Markal following a simple dress mode at the royal wedding held in Britain last Saturday attracted much dialogue among many people. Various opinions were expressed within the social media too in this respect and what some people said was that no sophisticated attires were seen in her case unlike in the case of a Sri Lankan marriage though this happened to be a royal wedding.

Meghan's hairstyle was attended to by a professional known as Serge Normant. He was by birth a
French national living in America and incidentally had arrived here from New York for this occasion. "There was no necessity to worry about this as such. What she expected from me was something very simple and it took just forty five minutes or an hour for all that. I don't want to exaggerate something just for nothing. Actually, items necessary to do this could be found even from a common supermarket. It's only such a small job. Because she wanted it that way ... I did so. Meghan was satisfied with my creation. She in fact spoke to me about it the whole day.

It was one Claire Waite Keller who attended to her simple frock. She happens to be the first lady directress of French Fashion House and she has stated that the frock had cost a sum of pounds 2 lakhs. "Various newspapers and magazines queried about this creation from me before the wedding. We did not divulge that secret at any time according to how we agreed. Even my husband had no idea as to what the design was going to be like. Meghan is a tele star in America. It is just like the way we used to see her on television. She is a very humble character. What she wanted was a simple frock. When compared to other frocks that I handle, this is not something which cost a big deal. Some people may have been taken by surprise when they heard that it was a frock like this for a royal wedding. But that is how she wanted it. She in fact thanked me for handling it properly. But since the frock was large, it was difficult to walk. I had of course to train her a little of how to walk after wearing it. Meghan's facial make up was attended to by her regular beautician Daniel Martin whom she got down for the purpose. Meghan however had not faith in British beauticians as such. Meghan's head dress was made out of diamonds and it had been modernised in 1932 by Queen Mary, niece of Queen Elizabeth. It had been made by platinum and diamonds and Queen Mary had initially received it in 1893 as a wedding gift, it is understood. It is learned that Princess Margaret has worn it in the year nineteen sixty five and that Queen Elizabeth has given it to Meghan there afterwards.

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