She is a researcher in Science in Italy -- Budi talks about wife

 She is a researcher in Science in Italy -- Budi talks about wife

She is a researcher in Science in Italy -- Budi talks about wife

Vishvanath Buddhika Keerthisena alias Budi Keerthisena who took part in creating a number of films such as Sihina Deshayen, Mille Soya and Matha entered into marriage recently. He is popular as a creator of enchanting films of an unconventional genre and was a cordial colleague of many an artiste. But his personal life was
somewhat irregular. It was for this reason that his marriage was delayed.

The wedding ceremony was held at Budi's home in Koswadiya and he took the hand of Italian national Natalia with whom he was attached to for a long period of time. He had spoken about it in the following manner:

* Did your life take a different turn with your marriage?  
   A big change may have taken place in my life. But I don't accept that change with so much of depth as such.

* She's a foreign lady. Was it the cinema that brought both of you together?
   Not at all. The token which brought us together was certainly not the cinema. I came to know her in Europe as a very affectionate friend. By profession she is a researcher in Science.

* Do you Budi stand firm on the standpoint that you definitely would not marry someone connected to the cinema?
   Yes ... even from that time I had no liking to make someone attached to the Arts as my 'wife'. All around the world this is so where this field is concerned. That's something that we all know ... because we get to associate various people. There are so many instances where such rendezvous go as far as personal problems.

* Have you heard of the talk that marriage is the end of an artiste?
   That of course I don't know ... I haven't got married before this no.

* Hasn't the independence to think freely got short-circuited because of this bond?
   All the time I was involved with the cinema rather freely. It hasn't tired me if I base it on my profession as such. At the same time I have not worked with awards in my mind. If there was a border to my work ... that border or limit was my satisfaction. In future also I would be thinking with a free mentality and working with independence.

Savithri Withanage (Rivira)

 A collection of photos taken on the occasion when the wedding celebration was held with Natalia of Italy at Budi's home in Koswadiya, from here