Lady of Rajagiriya 'phantom' office dies mysteriously at home ... cutting both her hands and abdomen!

Lady of Rajagiriya 'phantom' office dies mysteriously at home ... cutting both her hands and abdomen!

Lady of Rajagiriya 'phantom' office dies mysteriously at home ... cutting both her hands and abdomen!

An incident was reported from a house in Bauddhaloka Mawatha in Colombo of a lady who died by cutting her two hands and abdomen. The deceased is a married lady named Singappuliaarachchige Don Priyanthi Kumari (45). She was employed as an Administrative Officer at a private firm in Buthgamuwa area in Rajagiriya. Information is being consolidated by now that a certain incident of occult significance is connected to
her office where her death is concerned. When evidence was called for in relation to the death of the victim, an executive of the office concerned where the lady was employed, Bamunuaarachchige Umesh Maduhushan (30) by name has made his comments to courts in the following manner:

"Our establishment belongs to a Japanese national. The deceased works in our office as an Administrative Officer. Before this, this firm was stationed in Etul Kotte. Later it started functioning in a two-storied building in Buthgamuwa. Strange things happen in this house ... after going to the toilet and the tap is closed, a sound of water still flowing is heard. Queer noises are heard. Dirt is found smeared all over the tables. One day the piece of fish in the deceased lady's lunch packet had gone missing. We mentioned about all this to the owner and he in turn had informed the owner of the building. Later, two weeks before this we got down an exorcist to carry out some work. On last 8th the deceased came for duties and started jabbering nonsense. As such we informed her husband and he came and took her away". 

The deceased's husband A.D. Shantha Kumara (49) had this to say as his evidence. "It's my wife who has died this way. It's now about 18 years since we got married. We have no children. My wife works at a private firm in Rajagiriya. After receiving a telephone call from wife's office I brought her back home at about 8.30 in the morning. After sleeping for a short time she said that she wanted to go back to office. As such I took her to office. Later she returned home again at about 10.30 in the morning and had been sleeping. 

Around 12.30 in the afternoon, one Umesh from her office came and handed over Rs. 25,000 in cash to me. He also said that it was her wages. Later I went to the garage. Subsequently wife spoke to me around 1 in the afternoon. There was no noise. I entered the house and went inside the room. Since she wasn't there I proceeded to the kitchen and what I saw was that she was lying face down ... bleeding. Both her hands and abdomen were cut. Immediately I took her to Colombo National Hospital. However much I asked her as to what happened ... she didn't say anything". 

Borella Police who visited courts in relation to this incident produced some documents of the deceased victim. She had mentioned this in those documents: "I didn't do anything wrong. Umesh also hasn't done anything wrong. I thought and thought and got worried. I am free from guilt. But because of my agitation I got mentally upset. Actually I have mentally collapsed. I am scared to work in office.

Colombo Inquirer into Sudden Deaths Ashraff Rumy returned an open verdict in this connection. Colombo Judicial Medical Officer W.A.C. Lakmali conducted the autopsy and Colombo Inquirer into Sudden Deaths informed courts that it was deemed necessary that further examinations be conducted. As such, Borella Police was instructed that action be taken to forward the medical report to courts on 31st next month.