Mother who murdered her six-year old daughter .... caught

Mother who throttled and killed 6 year old daughter ....for urinating and passing stools inside house!

A few days ago the news was reported of a father who had dashed the child on the ground. And now it was reported yesterday from Kolonnawa of an incredible incident committed by her own mother who begot her child. This incident is of a case where the mother has assaulted her 6 year old daughter and killed her by strangling her. It is understood that this action had been taken having lost her temper because the small 6 year old child had not given up the habit of passing urine and stools inside the house.

The child who had died in this instance is a small girl named Fathima Chathiya (6). The suspect-mother has brought the little girl for treatment yesterday (31) to Borella Lady Ridgeway Children's Hospital saying that the child had fallen in the house near the tap, unconscious. Even by that time the child had passed away and the doctors on checking the body of the deceased had noticed bruise injuries on either side of the child's neck which made them doubt the mother's statement was suspicious. As such,the hospital authorities have taken steps to notify the police about the incident.

It was after that the Wellampitiya Police went and conducted investigations at the house of the suspect-mother. It was at that moment the 7 year old elder brother of the victim had explained to police of the true incident. On that occasion it was revealed that the mother had been furious because the victim had not changed her continuous habit of urinating and passing stools inside the house and that a few days ago she had been barbarous enough to burn the victim's sexual regions with a heated knife. He had said that on the day of the incident too the mother had noticed the child continuing with the old habit and had kept on beating the victim non-stop.

The boy further said that on that occasion the 6 year old Fathima had fallen down on a step in the kitchen and at which moment the mother had strangled her neck tightly in which instance she had become unconscious and after a short while she had taken the small girl to the hospital. It is learned that even at the moment the child was admitted to hospital she had already died. 

The victim's mother who was 29 years old had been spending her time in the house and it is understood that her husband had been serving in an office in the capacity of a cleaner. The deceased child has not been sent to school and the mother had said that arrangements have been made for her to be admitted to school next year.

What the neighbours had said about this couple is that both the mother and father behave in a violent manner in the house and that they frequently cause discomfort to the children.

They reported that the couple had separated in the year 2013 and that subsequently had once again united.

The mother had been taken into custody by Wellampitiya Police yesterday (31) in connection with the incident.

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