This time we have provided the opportunity for people to enjoy  New Year happily
- Min.Johnston 
 Minister of Consumer Affairs Minister Johnston says that during the New Year season this year people will be able to buy goods very cheaply as they wish and therefore will be able to enjoy the New Year happily.  

  He has expressed these ideas at a media interview with Divaina today.                                   
 "We have never left any room to increase the prices. I must specially mention that on behalf of the New Year season, a concessionary bag of commodities containing essential goods has been introduced to the public at 1,000 rupees. It could be bought from the CWEs and the Divineguma Agrarian Services outlets located islandwide.

  At any festival season traders try to create a shortage of goods. That's because they know that price of goods can be increased. As a responsible government, the private sector will not be allowed to increase prices as and when they want. That's why we as on previous occasions obtained data of stocks available at large-scale wholesale stores. Certain traders had hidden stocks of goods and increased the prices. No such thing is possible under President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Whenever traders try to create a situation of shortage of goods, we will not hesitate to take steps to import the goods concerned.

  In the same way, more than at other times, by now, the State Sector has mediate on behalf of traders. Goods can be bought at a concessionary price from outlets of the State Sector such as co-operative stores, the SL CWEs and the CWE. In a country where there is no war and the economy is progressing, we have provided an opportunity for the people to enjoy the New Year happily.