Achala’s mother had to leave Lebanon after payment of losses incurred for her contract and by resigning from her job

Achala’s Mother who was employed in Lebanon as a housemaid could not return to Sri Lanka instantly on hearing about her final year law student daughter’s unfortunate incident. Her employer had not granted her leave to come and return to Lebanon. She ultimately returned to Sri Lanka on Saturday evening to see her daughter still warded in the National Hospital in Colombo with her left hand cut after a medical misadventure.
Although there was a huge uproar in this regard, Achala’s mother G. Leelawathie could return to Sri Lanka only after a few days after the unfortunate as there were several obstacles for her to clear. Her employer had not granted her leave to come to Sri Lanka. As a result she had to return to Sri Lanka after submitting her resignation to her employer. For her to leave she had to pay compensation in terms of the contract.
For this payment it is learnt that the foreign Minister and the Ambassador in Lebanon had intervened to pay the compensation money. At the airport before her departure she had told the media that owing to her daughter’s unfortunate incident all her plans and dreams were shattered. When she arrived at the Colombo’s National Hospital to see Achala there were very emotional moments to many which are shown in pictures BELOW:

Pix by Sajith Jayasekara,T Kumarasinghe Shantha Rathnayaka& Asanka S Fernando