16 year Old ‘Grease Yaka’

16 year old Grease devil in Badulla apprehended.

After the Kahawatta disguised murders, the grease devils have moved to other cities with a wrinkle of chain of such incidents in various parts of the country. Now raping incidents have spread as rumours, in the pretext of the ‘grease devil’ making the villagers to live in fear. This system has made them their permanent occupation.
What is shown in the photograph ia a 16 year old ‘grease devil’ with his face painted in red. The intention is clear to make the villagers live in fear. However the motive is ‘robbery’, by fearing them with his looks.
During the past few months 47 such incidents have been reported throughout the country to the Police, out of which 21 such’ devils’ have been arrested by the Police.