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Fonseka - Thevarapperuma 'battle' ... after having worked together for Wild Life

Fonseka - Thevarapperuma 'battle' ... after having worked together for Wild Life

Minister for Wild Life, Sarath Fonseka and and deputy minister, Palitha Thevarapperuma who functioned in the cabinet before October 26th are involved in a 'battle' these days. The President not to bring in Fonseka to the list of new ministers while Thevarapperuma only has been able to secure the position of deputy minister. Under this background, both of them are involved in an attack at each other.

This is what Sarath Fonseka has said when he attended a news briefing at Kelaniya: "I had to control
Thevarapperuma like tying up a aggressive bull with a rope I had to shorten. I had to control him so that he could't run round much. Though he has a body ... we saw how he got a beating in parliament. Though he goes around in a vehicle he does not become a deputy minister as such. He did not go to jail in 2010 Presidential elections by having worked for me. Actually he was put in jail after arrest by police because he was arrested when he had some 'galkatas' and some explosives.

He says that the field marshal post is not something I should not get. He was a driver in the Navy. He is a deserter during the war. Can a deserter of the forces say what an Army Commander's designation and what his designation should not be? I ask from the public of Kalutara to take an important decision whether they would in future bring this type of person to parliament or not. I hope to come to that area to make people aware of the relevant facts.

Another thing that he says is that when I used to go all over the country ... that I stayed in hotels. When going round the country ... there are instances when we have to stop halfway. I of course can't stay in places like where he stayed. If in some places only five star hotels are available ... had to stay there of course. Had to stay in three star hotels also. Had to stay in hotels with no stars attached to them. That is paid by the government ... we need not pocket out from our wallet ... when going for our duties.

Sometime back this fellow carried out a fast with his 17 year old son. On that occasion when the child fell sick, this man's wife called me and asked that the child be taken to hospital to save his life. That lady has some respect. In future if he manages to e nominated or not ... we won't let him come to parliament. It is true that a relative sister is attached to my staff. All those people are well-educated people. All of them are graduates. All of them can work in English. Because of that I have recruited them for my staff. I can recruit any person i want for my private staff. It looks like that he even can't understand that.

Not like people round him, tells Mahinda that I am like this and tries to cling to Mahinda's tail. What I think is that he has been paid something by Pohottuwa and so is behaving like this. It is said that someone from Nugegoda side has given something like seven lakhs. Those are  stories
of Wijedasa Rajapaksa. It is true that people queued up and give money ... and that was spent for the Presidential election. But this fellow said that I went for the last general election without a cent in my hand and that 50 lakhs remained in my hands.

Actually his politics began with Anl Moonesinghe. He has kicked this fellow out. After that he has gone to Welgama. Having being kicked out from there he had gone to Mahinda Samarasingha ... and later became a traitor of his.
Those who do wrong things and throw mud at us ... we will teach a good lesson. This fellow came to me and said, "Buddhu sir ... take me into your ministry". In the future ... some decisions have to be taken about that fellow".

In the meantime, deputy minister Thevarapperuma addressing his supporters has said this: "For the luck of the country this fellow did not become President. I went to jail for 400 days because of Fonseka. My party was abolished. When isolated by being prepared to hold a meeting against United National Party in we wCampbell Park ... if I, Range Bandara, Ashoka Abeysingha, Shiral Lakthilleka and Maithri Gunathilleka did not go ... Fonseka's clothing would have got removed! Party memership of myself, Ashoka Abeysingha and Range Bandara was scrapped because we went for that meeting. We were not asked upto now as to what happened to us. When Fonseka came out of prison ... it is I who first welcomed him. Brought about 400 or 500 vehicles from Matugama. But saying that there isn't enough security, he said that he cannot get down from the vehicle. When I said "you then go" only he got down from the vehicle.

Fonseka said he can't come when I accepted duties as Wild Life deputy minister. He said he can't have a tea ... to make a speech. On the day when I went to minister's secretary's room, he was seated closeby. That time, Fonseka came. He said, "Palitha ... I have a media discussion; I will make a speech". So sayig he went inside. There were two seats for that media discussion. When coming to know that one seat was for deputy minister ... he was taken away from there. So Fonseka is such a violent man like that. I bore up even when all adversaries came my way ... with the hope of safeguarding innocent elephants dying in this country. To stop the wailing of people in this country. I did a great dedication to erect those elephant fences. I mediated because it was not done. If it was done, there was no necessity to come in between, isn't it?

118000 gave me preferential votes to secure 2000 votes and go behind each person and to take ministership. There is a cab in the ministry of provincial development. It is not in which security go. Fonseka's security have never gone in it. It was in the car park. It was Fonseka himself who told me that an elephant has gone across the elephant barricade and to rescue it. It was at his request that I went. I gave a letter to assistant secretary Mr. Ananda and took a vehicle from a driver of the ministry legally and went to Horowpathana. When such news were relayed across the media ... the boss could not bear it up. Brought the vehicle for jealousy and other dirty qualities of his. There was a big elephant problem in Sooriyawewa. Political authorities were cultivating bananas ... digging soil. Though I mediated and stop it after gazetting it, Fonseka did not do it. I suggested to secretary of the ministry and director to go to Sooriyawewa and discuss this matter with the farmers. The secretary and the director agreed to go. I gave ice cream to innocent children. It is true ... but I just did not burn cash of the Army by allocating a playground for the wedding of my children and have it air-conditioned.

We will be going on Friday to see about problems of people in the district. He had also said that I will not be given nominations. It is Mr. Ranil Wickremasingha who will decide whether nominations will be given to the person who got 1,18,000 votes or 2000 votes. Fonseka can't decide on that. He had thanked the Prime Minister for having removed me from position of deputy minister. If Prime Minister has on purpose done that ... Prime Minister should promptly respond to the human - elephant clash in the country. Having asked for Law and Order and when getting only Wild Life ... after squandering all the funds there ... that is the person who is called the boss. Fonseka has done nothing for Wild Life as such". 

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