Sambo Championship moves from Mongolia to Greece

All sports stadiums in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, closed their doors to coaches and athletes due to the pandemic. Consequently, the World Youth and Junior Sambo Championships have been moved from Mongolia to Greece, which was scheduled to be hosted in Ulaanbaatar. The Sambo players are unable to train in wrestling skills due to the conditions of the pandemic, yet they do physical exercise and running to maintain their fitness.

UurtsolmonGankhuyag - Senior coach of National Sambo team of Mongolia, The four-time world champion in Sambo said:
“Due to COVID pandemic soared in Mongolia, the “World Youth and Junior Sambo Championship” moved from Mongolia to Greece. For youth and junior athletes, Greece is a European country locates far from Mongolia. More costly for each athlete compared to if Championship held in Mongolia. It also increases the coach’s workload to work with all athletes. Because of COVID, all sports ground is closed now, so we cannot do ring training and wrestling skill training.  We are more concentrating on physical exercise and cross running of athletes to keep in form.”
Purevdorj Damdinsuren - athlete of judo and sambo, World champion said:
“If the World Youth and Junior Championship is held in Mongolia, it will have many advantages for us, for example, no time zone difference, our food, and meal, on our mat, and also less expensive, etc. But because of COVID, it will not happen. When we leave to wrestle at the tournaments abroad, we need to rebuild under the new time zones, take into account the difference in food and meal, and travel expanse. This is a problem each athlete has to face. “
Altangerel Bold - Junior athlete of Sambo, Bronze medalist of  World Student Sambo Championship said:
“When I heard that the Championship organizes in Mongolia,  I got courage, I am in my mother country, I do exercise to become  World Champion on my mat. But now I think no difference between that Championship held in Mongolia or Greece to get a winner.  My first Sambo teacher is Uurtsolmon. It is already gone one year When I became his student. During one year time, I learned a lot from my teacher. My first goal was to become World Champion. Now my goal upgraded to become Olympic Champion.  I am very confident that I can accomplish my goal. The main reason why I am so satisfied, My teacher is super.

Source-A24 News