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Class on physical exercises for inmates by Ranjan who put several people into difficulties

Class on physical exercises for inmates by Ranjan who put several people into difficulties

Mp Ranjan Ramanayaka wh presently is in Colombo magazine prison because of some voice cuts which shook the whole country is engaged in physical exercises from "P" prison cell and is also giving instructions in that connection to other inmates, prison sources reveal. It is also understood that for his exercising activities the suspect parliamentarian has even got down his personal exercising equipment. Ranjan has informed of his necessity to engage in daily special
exercise training in order to maintain his physique in a regular tone and has obtained permission from prisons in that respect. Normally all inmates are involved in physical exercises in various ways while spending their time in each one's cell. It is also learned that the suspect Mp in the process is engaged in providing them support from prison cell "P".

A group of persons who visited the Mp last 18th had tried to combine two bedsheets and thus prepare a mattress and Ranjan has said that permission is not granted for such things while the officers too have prevented it. As a consequence of Ranjan's voice cuts, by now two judiciary judges and some well-known persons in society have faced inconvenience. 

In the meantime, when he happened to come out for a court matter recently he had said that he has hidden several other sensational telephone conversations in a very secretive location. He has said that dialogues relevant to several strong characters in these telephone conversations and that voice cuts of some politicians too are included in those. If necessary, Mr. Ramanayaka has said that he would in future take action to release them. 

Though by now 10 teams have been employed to inquire into all voice cuts of Ranjan, police have reported that facilities available in this country to analyse Mr. Ranjan Ramanayaka's voice cuts are not sufficient enough. For this purpose orders have been placed with Singapore to get down communication equipment of an ultra-capacity and this modern stock of equipment is expected to be received today or tomorrow to police headquarters. Steps have been taken to appoint 10 police teams for analysing these voice cuts and over a lakh of voice cuts are expected to be analysed. 

In the meantime, Mp Mr. Ranjan Ramanayaka who is imprisoned is said to be attending the parliamentary meeting today (21), it was reported. After the voice cut incident he has not attended parliamentary sessions and this would be the first time he would be present after the uproar. He is expected to address parliament this afternoon and make a special statement after parliament assembles at 1 o'clock this afternoon.       

Mr. Ranjan Ramanayaka has made a request from general secretary of parliament to give him an opportunity to attend parliamentary sessions and accordingly the general secretary of parliament in turn has notified commissioner general of prisons to provide necessary facilities in that connection. Under privileges of a parliamentary member he would be thus making use of this opportunity with protection of prison authorities. He is expected to attend all meetings from today till next 24th Friday. Ranjan's next court hearing regarding Ranjan Ramanayaka's sensational voice cut incident is to be held on January 29th. 

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