Passionate activities of tall minister at Colpetty hotel!

Passionate activities of tall minister at Colpetty hotel!

Passionate activities of tall minister at Colpetty hotel!

A dialogue has flared up in a weekend newspaper this time in relation to a certain minister who was subjected to continuous talk during the past because of his passionate movements. Here is an extract of that story in Deshaya newspaper: 


There is a minister-type gentleman who was appointed from a seat close to Colombo where the
beginnings of passion is being constantly read. This senior 'desapaluthuma' who knows to bring a cure for agedness by enjoying an 'aathal' has still not put a stop to his 'aathal' activities even during the election battle which is on the cards these days. 

This person who is bent on touring and religion happened to spend his evening hours some days back at a storied hotel somewhere in Colpetty with the sea in sight. Rooms marked No. 2 and 3 on the fifth floor of the said hotel were reserved for for this gentleman. It was in fact prepared by the organiser of his 'aathal' campaign. 

Now it happened that on the stipulated date around seven in the evening the gentleman adorned himself in a tee-shirt and a pair of worn out sandals stepped into the hotel concerned without any security (no fear?). Now having come in a big hurry and entering the room struck his head on the top frame because of the height. Now then, when anyhow he made his way inside, attractive damsels who were Chinese, Indian, Thai, Philippine and Sri Lankans too who were spending their time in the adjoining room seven in all began to slowly steal in to this room. 

Subsequently what those outside could hear was only various kinds of shouting and noises. In a short time whiskey, brandy, gin and tasty dishes began to stream in to the room. Anyhow, this senior blessed gentleman who spent a wonderful evening of three or four hours in the company of seven young beauties after finishing his duties then stepped towards the hotel gate clandestinely to slowly slip away, he happened to confront a 'pora'.The friend then asked, "Where ... going somewhere?" "Don't you know man ... every day ministerial discussions ... just finished," the gentleman responded to the friend. "But dressed in a tee-shirt and sandals?" the friend targeted an out of bounds question. "Aiye .. these days a lot of election work. I came here now after appearing at a political state and on my way to yet another meeting ... no end ... has had enough". So replying he gets into his vehicle. Whatever it is .. the friend of course was perplexed and suspicious at that reply. Smearings of lipstick were seen on the gentleman's tee-shirt!