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Opportunity for semi-finals ... limited to England, Pakistan and New Zealand!

Opportunity for semi-finals ... limited to England, Pakistan and New Zealand!

After the match played yesterday (2) in the world cup cricket tournament, Bangladesh lost their chance of moving into the semi-finals while India managed to gain entry for the semi-final. 

By now it is India and Australia only who are named as definite competitors to be selected among the countries who competed so far and that is on a definite basis. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa,
West Indies and Afghanistan are already the countries eliminated from the first round. Though an idea has developed that hopes can be entertained about Sri Lanka claiming 10 points if they win the game against India to be played on 6th, according to ICC rules, other countries acquiring equal points on the basis of lesser victories it appears that such hopes have been washed away. 

While the sharp battle going on among countries chosen for the semi-final is still not over, competition remains open to the three countries New Zealand, England and Pakistan. According to matches played today (3) and day after tomorrow (5), 2 of those 3 countries would stand a chance of creeping into the finals. Countries will be chosen for the semi-finals this time based on the methodology of 1) Points 2) Wins 3) Net run-rate 4) Results of games between tied teams 5) Pre-tournament seeding. 

New Zealand have won 5 matches and have claimed 11 points. 
England have won 5 matches and have claimed 10 points.
Pakistan have won 4 matches and have claimed 9 points. 

Today, New Zealand battle with England. If New Zealand win this game, they acquire 13 points and England 10. If on the other hand England is victorious, it will be 12 points for them and New Zealand will get 11. Day after tomorrow (5) the match between Bangladesh and Pakistan will be a decisive one and if Pakistan grabs a victory, it will be 11 points for them. In that manner, if New Zealand wins the game on 3rd and Pakistan grabs a win on the 5th ... England will have no opportunity of entering the semi-final as such. If in case England wins on 3rd and Pakistan wins on 5th ... England will gain entry for the semi-final while the country will be chosen between New Zealand according to the speed at which the country that eclipses the other country in acquiring runs. If England wins on the 3rd and Pakistan happens to lose on the 5th; it will be England and New Zealand who stand a chance of being chosen for the semi-final. While the final round of the world cup would be played between the 1st and 4th, the semi-final will take place between the 2nd and the 3rd. Thus it is the country who wins from those two games that can enter the finals.

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