Shangri-La second bomb from remote control? Doubt again whether Saran died -- DNA check

Shangri-La second bomb from remote control? Doubt again whether Saran died -- DNA check

Shangri-La second bomb from remote control? Doubt again whether Saharan died -- DNA check

Investigators are now in a quandary whether supposed mastermind Saharan Hasheem has died after blasting one bomb of the two bombs set off at Shangri-La Hotel which may now be reversed. Though it was said that Saharan did not die from this attack, after evidence was collected from cctv of Shangri-La in the early days, those two who got down from the lift had later may have exploded
the two bombs in the restaurant on the 3rd floor which falls in order and it was concluded that Saharan and Ilham Ahamad have died in that circumstance. However, though blasts were reported, what is detected across the cctv is only one suicide bomb attack. Suspicion has arisen as to whether the other attack has been launched after having deposited the bomb-bag at some other place and then exploded by a remote control apparatus.

With the initial attack, power supply of the restaurant and around the place has been disrupted and the cctv system as well as the elevator have stopped functioning. (It was because of the elevator not functioning that Danish millionaire Povilson and children were not able to make their escape in time). Therefore no cctv evidence is available about the second attack. Though evidence related to Ilham Ahamad's blast was secured, it has not been possible to find out evidence of how Saharan exploded the bomb. 

Since pieces of dead bodies and parts of heads from the Shangri-La explosion have still not been identified, the suspicion whether Saharan's head is among those corpses still lurks around. A DNA check is expected to be carried out on Saharan's sister who presently is in Batticaloa prison, to determine compatibility with Saharan Hasheem's DNA. Police have enabled themselves to secure a court order recently to obtain a blood sample of hers at Amparai hospital. Security forces were successful in rescuing Saharan's daughter and wife from the conflict in Kalmunai and it has been possible to carry out a DNA examination from Saharan's sister or the daughter.    

Though Saharan has arrived for the bomb attack as a member of the suicide bomb squad, an attempt is made to determine that he has not committed suicide by blasting the bomb. When taking into consideration the other attacks, since those have not taken place at a place in Shangri-La restaurant parallel to such attacks, a suspicion now occurs whether the attack was launched with two bombers keeping their lives at stake.  

In the attack made on Kochchikade church, after the initial attack, the second attack was planned in the van; but a person had not been employed for that purpose. Though Saharan may have come for the Shangri-La attack, it is suspected that he has used a remote control gadget to explode the bomb or a time-bomb without going for a suicide bomb attack. Saharan who has tirelessly trained suicide bombers has not nominated any second level leader; after dropping activities of the organisation and by committing suicide, a future collapse is to be seen in future activities with his death and there would hardly be any such motive for a terrorist organisation such as this -- intelligence unit sources suspect. 

It is expected to be make use of blood samples of the daughter of Mohammed Mubarak Acarld who launched the attack on Kingsbury Hotel for DNA inspection and blood samples of the mother of Saharan Hasheem of attacker of Mohammed Inshaf Ahamad who carried out the attack on Cinnamon Grand, it is reported. With inspection of results of DNA of Saharan Hasheem it will be confirmed whether he actually has died or not.