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"Revert to parliamentary procedures as soon as possible!" -- call from UN General Secretary to President

"Revert to parliamentary procedures as soon as possible!" -- call from UN General Secretary to President

Present General Secretary of United Nations Organisation, Antonio Guterrez has contacted President Maithripala over telephone last evening and has had a discussion about the political crisis prevailing in Sri Lanka. On this occasion what the General Secretary has inquired was that two prime ministers of Sri Lanka calling himself the prime minister is not favourable. He has pointed out that this issue could place problems for diplomatic relations in future and has advised him to have a vote taken in parliament as soon as possible and thus
settle this issue.

The official press release of UN Organisation has reported in internet edition that this telephone dialogue has taken place while Al Jazeera and other foreign media too have reported that advice was issued to the effect that a the parliament be quickly summoned and to bring in a settlement.

What is stated in the press release of United Nations Organisation is as follows: "The General Secretary engaged in a telephone conversation with President Mr. Maithripala Sirisena on November 1st. The General Secretary  to settle the has informed the President that they are keeping their eyes open about the present political situation in Sri Lanka and that the United Nations Organisation is prepared to offer their support to Sri Lanka to bring about a settlement to the prevailing crisis through discussion. The General Secretary has also indicated  that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure security and respect to peace, protection and integrity of the law".

The General Secretary has emphasised to President in that telephone dialogue to resume the parliament and hasten to call for a parliamentary vote by following parliamentary procedures. The General Secretary on that occasion has told the President to focus attention on adhering to promises, bond and responsibilities according to proposals of United Nations Human Rights Council agreed to by Sri Lanka government.

Whatever it is, what is shown in President Maithripala's Twitter Account is something of a different story. What is mentioned there is: 'I had a successful discussion with UN General Secretary yesterday. On that occasion I told him that the new Prime Minister who has been appointed according to the constitution of Sri Lanka". 

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