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Death toll of victims of 7.7 earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia ... exceed 400!

The number of victims who died from the earthquake of 7.7 magnitude triggering a tsunami in association of Sulawesi island in Indonesia by now total over 400.

A leading mosque and Muslim devotees there were completely devastated and a large number of houses, buildings, vehicles and so many properties close to the sea beach have become a prey to this disaster. Indonesian authorities said that hospitals were packed with injured victims. Details of people
still among the living and those who have disappeared are still not clear while large crowds have rocked in to search for the dead victims, it is reported.

The magnitude of the earthquake which took place in Sulawesi island was mentioned as 7.5, but was later changed and was assessed as 7.7 and though authorities hastened to launch Tsunami alerts, the destruction has actually taken place within the space of a short time with Tsunami tidal waves rushing in. According to eye witness accounts, they reported that tidal waves rose to a height of 6 metres (18) feet rushing in towards the land, it was reported. As a consequence of this tragedy, Palu city of Indonesia rests in the central province of Indonesia and thus it was reported that so many families have disappeared in the process. To add to all this, all communication and electricity have broken down in adjoining areas. The airport of the city of Palu has been closed for operations with immediate effect.

Indonesia in fact is a country considered as a vulnerable zone to earthquakes and Tsunami conditions. Whatever it is, the city of Palu has not been affected by earthquakes in recent times as such. However, there are historical records to say that there had been earthquakes in the years 1927 and 1968.

The local weather department has informed that this sort of sudden situation has no influence on Sri Lanka. In any case, as the sea in coastal areas around the island turning rough, they have cautioned to be alert in any case. It was said that sea areas from Chilaw to Colombo and Matara across Galle area are more susceptible to risk in this context. A person who had been on the top floor of a shopping complex in the city of Palu had captured on video through his mobile phone scenes at the moment when Tsunami waves began invading the city in Indonesia and had released it to the social media as seen in the following manner 

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