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 Signs of rescueing Thai children cornered inside cave ...   would take months!
Signs of rescueing Thai children cornered inside cave ... 
would take months!

The phenomenon which has by now gripped the whole world is operations being conducted to rescue 12 children of a football team trapped inside a cave in Thailand and their coach too.

At the time all 13 of them had entered the cave known as 'Tham Luang Nang Non' in Thailand last 23rd a state of heavy floods had taken place. As access points as well as exits of the cavern were blocked due other factors caused by the flood, they had no way out. On complaints made by their
parents the police got clues that the victims were stationed at a really difficult location. their bicycles, shoes and footmarks emerged as evidence in this case. Whatever it is, it was later realised that it was not possible to anywhere close to the spot where they were trapped.

When news circulated that it had not been possible to rescue the children even after a lapse of several days, divers from Britain, Australia and a number of other countries were employed for this very purpose. After a period of six hours 2 divers were able to dive across openings of tunnels and get close to where the victims were and thus were able to provide some food and medicine to these victims who were hunger stricken by that time. Sine the route that the divers used was so arduously located, there was no possibility to even bring one victim with the divers. These divers took as long as five hours to reach the spot from where they took off. The divers were able to video the circumstances to show that the children were in good health and it was indeed a fine occasion for the amazed parents of these children to find some consolation.

Rescue operations are still in a complex state because most of these children are not able to dive or even swim with rescue operations becoming even more difficult as a result of moving down the route concerned with floods on the other hand aggravating. Specialists on the other hand have pointed out that they could be rescued with victims creeping out through the openings after the floods have subsided by diving with great difficulty. What some others say is that it would take approximately 4 months for the children to be rescued.

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