Latha Walpola's Star Story

'Why aunty did you sing that song?'...
The story of the 'Star' Singer

   Distinguished singer Latha Walpola had to face an unanticipated mishap recently. It happened when she had gone to sing at a Reality Show ... and that was because of a comment made by a female vocalist who had come there to sing at a 'Star' competition.

     Songs of many vocalists were presented at the occasion and in the early stages Latha Walpola had to sing some songs. After she had sung the songs amidst applause from the audience and was getting down from the stage, a female vocalist who had become popular by appearing in 'Star' shows by singing others' songs had asked Latha Walpola "Why aunty did you sing that song ... because it was I who was to sing that number no?"

    At this moment she was taken aback at this comment and she had replied "Child ... it was my own song ... so what is wrong with that?" It is reported that as a response, the 'Star' vocalist had jerked her body and gone away.

   Mrs. Latha Walpola is sorry about the unfortunate fate which has befallen the true owners of songs because of the Reality singer generation these days.