Managing Director Jayantha Dharmadasa says no fault of the hospital:

The funereal of the young  girl Buddhini Kaushalya who was reported to have died inside a MRI scanner machine in a reputed private hospital in Colombo is to be held today the 9th.The parents of this little deceased girl have already reported this matter to their lawyers.
It is suspected that the MRI scan machine had not been serviced for some time and the oxygen tubes within if have not been serviced or replaced it is learnt for the cause of this unfortunate death.
The Nawaloka hospital’s Managing Director Jayantha Dharmadasa had made a statement to the ‘AdaDerana’ news section. According to him there had been no fault from the side of the hospital authorities and this matter has been referred to lawyers he cannot make a further statement right now
However he had quipped that the hospital authorities have commenced investigations into this death. However it is learnt from the Judiciary medical officer Dr M.N.Rahun had stated in his post mortem report that owing to oxygen had not reached the heart and brain this death had occurred.
In this regard the magisterial inquiry is to be held on the 11th to obtain statements from the deceased child mother and father. The little daughter funeral is to be held at Mabima, kelaniya this evening.

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