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Printing press owner who cut machine worth millions ... to save worker's hand!

Printing press owner who cut machine worth millions ... to save worker's hand!

The hand of a certain employee of a printing press was stuck in a machine and at this unfortunate instance its owner who thought of the value of the worker had gone as far as cutting the machine concerned worth crores and thus saved the hand of this worker. This incident has happened at a printing press called Tharindu Printers in Amparai.

The hand of Munasingha who is employed there has suddenly has got caught to the printing machine and other workers who immediately rushed to the scene have tried to turn the machine in the opposite
direction in order to rescue his hand when the owner of the press, one Mr. Metthananda Rupesingha has not agreed to it and that was because it would result in the victim's hand suffering further damage. Later on he has instructed his workers to get down welders to cut the machine which was valued for over ten million by calling a doctor and securing his advice too. 

Dr. Gayan Gallage serving at Amparai General Hospital had been notified of this accident and he had been travelling with his wife at that time and he had promptly stopped his vehicle and had gone to Tharindu Printers and subsequently informed Dr. Hansa Ramanayaka the Acting Officer in charge of the hospital about the accident concerned and had summoned a team of extra doctors to the spot. Thus the doctor accompanied by his nursing staff has managed to treat the victim and so save his life. 

About three hours were spent in cutting this machine which was one the most modern machines and the patient was immediately taken to Amparai General Hospital. Even by that time the surgeon of Amarai General Hospital specialist Dr. Lochana Kumaragama and his team mates were ready till the patient was brought to the hospital. 

After he was brought to hospital, his hand was subjected to an operation and then hastened to Kandy General Hospital for further treatment. This employee by the name of Munasingha is presently under care of Kandy General Hospital and it  was possible to save his hand as a result of all involved in the process. 

Proprietor Mr. Metthananda Rupesingha had this to say: "I also was inside the place when the incident took place. On hearing the shouts I rushed there. Then I saw Munsaingha's hand stuck in the machine. At that moment the machine was brought to a halt. He wanted the machine to be reversed from the direction in which was running. I however did not want that done. Later we decided to cut the machine. Then I asked welding technical people to come. I believe that in the presence of the doctors that Munasingha will be saved without his hand being detached".

Information: Wasantha Chandrapala

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