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Though doors of several hotels were closed on them ... Narigama welcome Chinese nationals

Though doors of several hotels were closed on them ... Narigama welcome Chinese nationals

A certain group happened to come on a tour to Sri Lanka while the new corona virus was still spreading around and according to Lee Swan Wen, a resident of Shanghai in China, a 39 year old Chinese lady yesterday (8) in that group said that their group was welcome with open arms at
Narigama, Hikkaduwa; about which the tribute of the entire Chinese public goes to Sri Lanka.

Their tour guide who in fact was in charge of this Chinese group, Mr. Dhanuka Ratnapala living in Nuwara Eliya said that after arriving in Sri Lanka they had toured several locations and on certain occasions, where there were instances of some hotel workers refusing to unload their travelling bags and give lodging at places in Nuwara Eliya  such as Ella, Bandarawela and Nuwara Eliya. 

"Last Friday (7) when this Chinese group came to the tourist hotel of "Refresh Blue" at Narigama, Hikkaduwa, the group was taken up by the warm welcome they were treated with, with king coconuts being cut and offered to them". Mrs. Wen further remarked that because the staff of the said hotel managed to keep their minds in a happy mood and free as well which in turn had resulted in erasing everything that darkened their minds. Mrs. Wen then remarked that their group never at all expected a welcome of this sort at that time and for the staff thus having welcomed them with  at a moment the new corona virus was raging which actually gave them a feeling that they in reality were living in China. She also said that having accepted the welcome at Narigama, Hikkaduwa, they were keeping their fingers crossed till such time as the new corona virus which at that time was rampaging China would invade this hotel at Narigama, Hikkaduwa. 

She said that on other years where touring this country was concerned, the tour had deviated to other regions other than Hikkaduwa and in future, she said that Hikkaduwa would be chosen for the tour when coming to Sri Lanka. She said that she would in future make it a point to notify her friends and everybody touring the globe about the cordiality of Sri Lanka and that of the welcome by the folk at Hikkaduwa across the internet and that if leaving her country and were to tour a different land ... to chose Sri Lanka and would thus informing her friends across the internet to to so select Sri Lanka. 

Two ladies of this touring group has shown a tremendous liking to dress in the sari in which women of this country dress in. Therefore, on every occasion during the tour the two of them were adorned in that dress, tour guide Mr. Dhanushka Ratnapala said. It was understood that all male and female employees of Hikkaduwa "Refresh" tourist hotel holdings the owners of which are Messrs. H.K. Upali and W. Gamini  had been on special attention about the Chinese group and these employees have paid attention to the situation in which the Chinese government was placed in and to take care of them to see that they were not emotionally hurt. 

The Chinese citizens are helpless under these circumstances and it is the duty and responsibilities of we Sri Lankans to refrain from pressurising them more and more; but to treat them in a cordial manner instead, Mr. Upali, an owner of Hikkaduwa, Narigama "Refresh" Hotel holdings said. He finally said that opportunities should be afforded for them to be live in freedom they wish to be happy. 

- Daya Cyril Dhammika -

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