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"Having suffered from phlegm, went to hospital -- the moment it was told that my working-place is Katunayaka ... I was told that I was infected with corona and ... they played hell

"Having suffered from phlegm, went to hospital -- the moment it was told that my working-place is Katunayaka ... I was told that I was infected with corona and ... they played hell

An incident is reported of a young girl employed in the capacity of a receptionist at a hotel in the vicinity of Katunayaka Airport  where she was subjected to severe pressure at Anuradhapura hospital on suspicion of being infected by the corona virus. 

She had in fact gone to the hospital concerned to take treatment for influenza and the doctor who inquired as to where she works and when it was told Katunayaka it was misunderstood that she was working as an air hostess at the airport and being suspected of being infected by corona, the hospital
staff was summoned and a big hulabaloo was created. She was put into a mortuary and closed; after which she was dispatched to the IDH in an ambulance from Anuradhapura. Doctors at the IDH have however confirmed that she is not suffering from any sickness and have chuckled about how she was treated. This young girl aged twenty two years hailing from Kaluvila area in Anuradhapura spoke abut what happened to her.

"I was working at a hotel close to Katunayaka Airport. Last 6th I took leave and went home to Anuradhapura. Only I and mother are in our family. Mother is attached to civil security division. After I came home that day I felt some pains and aches in my body. On a previous day I felt dust going into my nose. Because of that my phlegmy nature aggravated. I told about this to mother and it was she who told me to go and take medicine with her and because of her compulsion I went to Anuradhapura hospital on 8th. 

The doctor asked me where I was working and I said Katunayaka. I was not allowed to speak anything beyond that. The doctors, nurses, attendants all looked at me and got upset as if they had seen a strange animal as such. Nobody was allowed to come close to me and my mother and we were put into a room where the previous OPD was and closed. "You'll don't come out ... we suspect whether it's the corona virus". So saying we were locked up in that room. It is a room where dead bodies are kept. There were even ropes which are used to tie corpses. Thus, without being given to eat or drink we were confined to that room from 8.45 in the morning to about 12.30 in the afternoon. Not being able to bear the hunger, I asked money from mother and got down a double-bun and a packet of milk. We then shared the double-bun in two. After that we were prepared to be taken to Colombo saying about a suspicion that we had been infected by corona. 

I actually felt no problem ... I even reprimanded mother as to what kind of nonsense we got ourselves into. At about 4.35 in the evening we were dispatched to the IDH in an ambulance. We were given a special green uniform to wear. The two workers in the ambulance got to the front of the ambulance. In the end, doctors at IDH and the staff treated us like gods ... gave us to eat ... even apples. They checked a blood sample of mine and said, "Duwe .. you have no sickness at all". I too responded saying that of course I have no sickness. I told them that that it is the staff of doctors at Anuradhapura hospital who did this stupid thing. This doctor also got a smile on his face. 

To see in the end, those at Anuradhapura general hospital had gone to the extent of announcing over speakers that a corona patient has been detected ... to be vigilan. This has been broadcast across social websites and facebook too. What people in our villagers had come to know is that that I have been infected by he corona and had died as a result. Just see how much our people are wicked ... how cruel ... how deceitful! Some of the villagers have spread this everywhere even without sighting our village. This bogus news was even spread to responsible media in a flamboyant manner. 

What came to my mind is Abilin of Kopi Kade. Some media in this country are doing the job Abilin is doing. When I returned home within twenty four hours ... I was amazed about this country. I wonder whether these people are waiting till we get corona and die. So I make one single appeal from all these people. Work with responsibility ... manage the media. I really felt how much suffering innocent people undergo mental pain. That's all". 

- Note: Shiran Ranasingha -

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