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"Had to enforce sudden power cut because those of Yahapalanaya did not pay debts" -- Power and energy state minister

"Had to enforce sudden power cut because those of Yahapalanaya did not pay debts" -- Power and energy state minister

State minister of Power and Energy, Mr. Mahindananda Aluthgamage said that the past regime has instructed Ceylon electricity board not to pay a sum of Rs. 120 billion due to various institutions. The state minister said this at a press meeting held yesterday (5) at that ministry. 

"A power cut of two hours was enforced yesterday (5) Monday by Ceylon electricity board. The reason for this was indicated this power cut occurred because the petroleum corporation suspended
fuel to Ceylon electricity board. This power cut is entirely not in line with the law. A committee was appointed to carry out an inquiry under instructions of the president. At the time it was told that there is a shortage of fuel ... there had been 1,500 tons of fuel at Kerawalapitiya power plant. When fuel was available ... there cannot be a power cut without sanction of the ministry. 

We will be probing into this to check whether this is a case of sabotage. Even though monies were not paid to the electricity board, the petroleum corporation supplied fuel at the correct time. When the Ceylon electricity board and the petroleum corporation was under one ministry, fuel was dispatched. The minister and the president have given instructions not to enforce a power cut under any circumstances. 

When delving into reasons that contributed particularly for a situation such as this, the last Yahapalanaya regime has not paid any monies to Ceylon electricity board; which means, loans taken from banks, fuel obtained from petroleum corporation and monies from private power-houses. Instructions have been issued to the effect not to settle the sum of 120 billion secured throughout one and a half years. The electricity  board has by now been confronted by a big financial crisis. 

In the same way, even when candidacy was given to Mr. Sajith Premadasa at the last presidential election, he was contesting crying ... saying that he has no power. He was on a strong standpoint for the parliamentary election ... saying that if the united national party leadership was not given he would not contest for the position of prime minister. But now his decision has been reversed.He is the leader of the alliance. Mr. Ranil Wickremasingha is the leader of the united national party. By now there are two factions in the UNP called Mr. Sajith Premadasa's and Mr. Ranil Wickremasingha's. It is said that the logo of the elephant should be maintained. Sajith too wants the symbol of the elephant. Then in that case, the elephant has to be cut in two and given ... because only one person can keep the logo of the party. The united national party by now has faced a big crisis over the symbol. This clash would be moving towards a serious crisis".

- Shavindya Erandathi -

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